Longtime Food Technology Editor passes away

October 2, 2013

IFT’s Food Technology magazine Senior Editor Donald E. Pszczola, 54, passed away on Saturday, Sept. 28, after a long illness. A key member of the Food Technology editorial staff for 26 years, Don’s commitment to provocative, informative, and comprehensive coverage of the world of food and beverage ingredients and product development—often with a humorous touch—was unwavering.

Don’s monthly Ingredients column was a reader favorite. Seeing trends like sodium reduction come and go and then resurrect themselves over the decades, Don brought a well-informed perspective to the formulation challenges facing R&D professionals. He was a familiar face at IFT’s Food Expo as well as many other food-related conferences, trade shows, and meetings.

In 2010, Don debuted the blog IngredienTalk (log-in required) on ift.org. It was an ideal outlet for his uniquely insightful spin on ingredient news and trends, liberally sprinkled with personal anecdotes and whimsical observations.

Don’s final Ingredients column for Food Technology will appear in the November issue of the magazine.