Health Canada approves use of resistant maltodextrin

October 21, 2013

The ADM/Matsutani LLC team that markets Fibersol, a line of soluble dietary fibers, has announced that Health Canada has recently added resistant maltodextrin (Fibersol-2) to its list of approved novel fiber ingredients that can be used in the Canadian food and beverage marketplace. Fibersol-2 has been reviewed by the Food Directorate of Health Canada and has received no objection as a safe novel fiber for labeling as a dietary fiber source in Canada.

“We are excited to bring Canadian consumers an ingredient that can help them meet their dietary fiber needs. Consumers understand the importance of dietary fiber. Years of scientific study have shown evidence that Fibersol delivers various properties of dietary fiber. Around the world, Fibersol has been acknowledged as a dietary fiber including its assessed impacts on attenuating post-meal blood glucose and/or intestinal health,” said Brent Flickinger, Vice President Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, ADM.