Glanbia Nutritionals receives patent for acidified whey protein

February 17, 2014

Glanbia Nutritionals Ireland has been granted United States Patent Number 8,637,102, titled “Acidified whey protein compositions and methods for making them.” The patent relates to acidified whey proteins with desirable organoleptic and functional characteristics, including significantly improved flavor, odor, tartness, and sweetness compared to conventionally processed acidified whey protein, all while providing a required amount of whey protein.

“Traditional dry-blended acidified whey proteins tend to have undesirable taste profiles, for example being too tart, too astringent, or exhibiting other off flavors that decrease palatability and consumer acceptance. Our patented process creates a high quality protein ingredient with a pH of between 2.8 and 5.6, which crucially hits the taste and flavor buttons with consumers while allowing the delivery of increased protein level,” said Eric Bastian, Vice President of Research & Development, Glanbia Nutritionals.

Glanbia Nutritionals