April 2013

Food Technology Magazine
April 2013

  • Top Ten Food Trends
    A. Elizabeth Sloan
    Eating alone, home meals for millennials, a new definition of health, and a demand for true transparency are among the important consumer trends that represent new opportunities for the food industry.
  • IFT’s Wellness Check-Up
    Kelly Hensel, Mary Ellen Kuhn, and Toni Tarver
    Presenters at the Wellness 13 conference offer some encouraging assessments while shedding new light on diet and nutrition research, consumer trends, and food industry developments.

John Ruff
Developing the Next Generation of Food Scientists
Heather Rodriguez and Roger Clemens
Is There a Milk-Mucus Connection?
Donald E. Pszczola
Chocolate Everything
Linda Milo Ohr
Managing Muscle and Bone Mass
Neil H. Mermelstein
Testing Nanomaterial Safety
J. Peter Clark
Electromagnetic Energy in Food Processing
Aaron L. Brody
Assessing the Threat from BPA and Exploring Alternatives
Joy Dubost
Manipulating the Truth about Food Addiction
Food Technology Staff
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    Purpose-Driven Food Science
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    Defining the Humane Treatment of Food Animals
    Concerns about the welfare of food animals have reached a fever pitch, but is there really cause for alarm?
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