Feast on Formulation Inspiration Karen Nachay | June 2013, Volume 67, No.6

Ingredients Preview

Organic palm oils

Looking for some formulation inspiration? It will be available in abundance at the 2013 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo®. Many of the hundreds of ingredient suppliers who will be on hand will introduce brand new ingredients. Others will feature their most successful ingredients to help food technologists solve formulation challenges. Several will present technical sessions and poster sessions to explain the latest research and sound science about both current and novel ingredients. This ingredients preview section provides an overview of some of the ingredient innovation that will be on display in Chicago this summer.

The Annual Meeting & Food Expo will offer attendees a chance to learn about texturizing solutions, formulating with whole grains, sweetener solutions, lowering sodium in foods, ingredients for gluten-free applications, global cuisines, improving product performance, and much more. Attendees will get a close-up look at ingredients that can help in formulating foods and beverages that address consumer and product development trends ranging from convenience to clean label. It will also be a chance for products developers to speak one-on-one with ingredient experts about their own formulation challenges.

To illustrate how ingredients behave in formulations, ingredient suppliers will invite attendees to sample prototypes like colorful cereal, rich and creamy Greek yogurt, beverages in a variety of on-trend flavors, crisp crackers, chewy cookies, gluten-free options, granola bars formulated with whole grains, meat accented with flavorful seasoning blends, dairy desserts like ice cream, and so much more. Check out the “Taste the Expo” section of the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo mobile app and read the digital show daily, IFTLive, each day to learn about some of the ingredient suppliers featuring product concepts available for sampling.

The IFT Food Expo will be a great opportunity to interact with experts, especially those responsible for developing some of the ingredients showcased at the event, learn about the science behind the creation of the ingredients, and see, touch, and taste many ingredients and prototypes formulated with them. Attendees are guaranteed to walk away with new ideas to inspire their food and beverage product development efforts.

Special Themes

Join exhibitors as they present ingredients and food and beverage prototypes representing a broad array of themes. Food Expo attendees will have the opportunity to learn about sustainability efforts, sample a number of Greek cuisine-inspired prototypes, discover how music inspires flavor chemists, and more.

Finding solutions to development challenges
A yogurt bar will be featured at theIngredion Food Expo exhibitIngredion Inc. will feature prototypes and demonstrations to show how it can help food formulators and manufacturers address the most important issues facing the industry. These include cost efficiencies, nutritional enhancement, clean label, sugar and fat reduction, and global food trends. The company will formulate a menu of prototypes made with a wide range of its specialty starches, nutritional ingredients, and nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners. Its team of culinologists will conduct live demonstrations at the booth throughout the IFT Food Expo. A yogurt bar where attendees will be able to select from a number of toppings will be among the highlights of this year’s Ingredion Food Expo exhibit. A selection of beverages and baked goods are on the menu too.

Experts with the company will present at a number of symposia and poster sessions held in the McCormick Place convention center, discussing topics like leveraging market trends in product development and overcoming challenges in gluten-free product formulating. The following are symposia that Ingredion experts will present. “Short-chain Fructooligosaccharides (scFOS)—Overview and Technical Benefits for Commercial Applications” (session 105-02, Monday, July 15, 9:05 a.m., room N426) will give an overview of and background information on scFOS, including the technical properties and functionality benefits in commercial applications. “Novel Clean Label Functional Native Starches” (session 052-02, Sunday, July 14, 1:55 p.m., room S402) will explain how novel food starches like functional native starches can help overcome challenges in developing clean label products. “Formulating Gluten-free Food Products with Texture Comparable to Wheat Flour-based Products” (session 243-02, Tuesday, July 16, 8:55 a.m., room S402) will examine ways to formulate glutenfree foods with specialty flours and native, native functional, and modified starches. “T-REx (Texture Robotic Experimenter)™ Analysis: Using Novel High Throughput Testing Aid in Food Ingredient Design and Selection” (session 053-03, Sunday, July 14, 2:15 p.m., room S403), will discuss how the T-REx™ analysis can be used to improve product development efforts.

The poster sessions, which will take place on Monday, July 15, at 11 a.m. on the expo hall floor, include “Improving Functionality and Quality of Cost-reduced Processed Cheese Products and Imitation Cheese Formulations” (session 153-09), “Replacement of Gelatin in Yogurt Using Modified and Clean-label Starch Texturizing Systems” (session 153-12), “Evaluation of Consumer Attitudes and Interest in Nutrition Labels and Fiber-containing Foods” (session 144-01), “Innovative Approaches to Cost and Caloric Reduction of Up to 35% in Creamy Salad Dressings and Sauces” (session 163-13), “Creating Clean Label for Bakery Products” (session 163-24), and “Formulating Gluten-free Food Products with Texture Comparable to Wheat Flour-based Products” (session 163-37). Ingredion Inc., www.ingredion.com/us, Booth 1629

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