A Girl Hunter's Guide to Conscious Eating Kelly Hensel | November 2013, Volume 67, No.11


Chef Georgia PellegriniChef Georgia Pellegrini’s passion for good, simple food began at an early age while fishing for trout in upstate New York. She grew up on the same land that her great-grandfather owned and worked: a farm called Tulipwood in New York’s Hudson Valley. Her connection to nature stayed with her through college. After a brief foray into the corporate world of finance, she enrolled in the French Culinary Institute in New York City.

While working at farm-to-table restaurants, Pellegrini realized she was most interested in the foragers, fig collectors, and salami makers who arrived to the restaurants with their goods. In addition, at one of the restaurants she was to slaughter and butcher a few turkeys for the dinner service. It was then that she realized the true connection to her food and began to hunt. Her purpose became to know and understand where her food was coming from—whether it is from field or stream.

As she explored hunting, she started writing about her experiences on her blog and these stories eventually formed the basis for her two books—Food Heroes and Girl Hunter. In hopes of sharing these visceral experiences, Pellegrini hosts adventure getaways, ushering groups of women through what maybe their first experience with hunting, cleaning, and cooking their own food.

Click here to read the interview and get Chef Pellegrini's Whiskey Glazed Wild Turkey Breast recipe.

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