April 2014

Food Technology Magazine
April 2014

  • The Top Ten Functional Food Trends
    A. Elizabeth Sloan
    Specialty nutritional ingredients, the emergence of a health-oriented Hispanic market segment, and consumers’ ongoing interest in protein consumption are driving new opportunities for functional foods and drinks.
  • Extrusion Bolsters Food Security in Africa
    Kalep Bulus Filli, Afam I.O. Jideani, And Victoria A. Jideani
    If developing economies are to eradicate poverty and achieve food and nutrition security, more effort is needed in harnessing extrusion technology for producing safe food utilizing locally grown legumes and cereal grains.

Janet E. Collins
Telling Stories of Food Science
Kelly Hensel
Kristy Del Coro: Good food, guilt free
Roger Clemens
Food Pharmacology
Karen Nachay
Reinventing Rice
Linda Milo Ohr
Granting Immunity
Neil H. Mermelstein
Biosensors: Thinking Small
J. Peter Clark
Hot Topics in Cold Plasma Technologies
Aaron L. Brody
3D Printing: Rapid Prototyping from Food to Food Packaging
Aaron L. Brody
Powered-up Packaging
Robert C. Post
Nutrition Facts Labels: A Changing Proposition

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