Chef Alison Mountford: Bringing the Restaurant Home Kelly Hensel | January 2014, Volume 68, No.1


Chef Alison MountfordChef Alison Mountford started her culinary career as a personal chef, but she soon realized she wanted to be able to offer her restaurant-quality meals to a bigger audience. And so San Francisco, Calif.-based Square Meals was started in 2006 with the goal of elevating takeaway food from greasy containers and unhealthy calorie splurges to wholesome meals and fresh, tasty dishes you can feel good about eating. And with the ability to deliver the cooked meals to your door throughout the week, Chef Mountford offers a gourmet edge to the big box meal delivery services such as Nutrisystem and Seattle Sutton’s.

Click here to read the interview and get Chef Mountford's Turkey Meatloaf recipe—a healthy way to kick off 2014

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