June 2014

Food Technology Magazine
June 2014

  • Blurring the Line Between Snack and Meal
    Kelly Hensel, Mary Ellen Kuhn, and Toni Tarver
    Opportunities for more-healthful offerings abound as consumers seek products with better nutritional profiles and frequently replace meals with snacks, according to speakers at IFT’s Wellness 14 conference.
  • Fitting Foods to Lifestyles
    David Despain
    Understanding the ways members of key consumer segments are living their lives can provide important clues to developing and positioning foods and beverages to meet their needs.
  • Biobased But Not Biodegradable
    Gordon L. Robertson
    Is this the new paradigm for sustainable food packaging? A careful analysis suggests that it is.
  • Moving Product Traceability Forward (Online Exclusive)

    Five food and industry associations share their vision for the Global Food Traceability Center.
  • Seeking Smarter Protein Snacks (Online Exclusive)
    Mary Ellen Kuhn
    Customizing the development of protein-enhanced products to better address specific consumer needs will require teamwork and a better understanding of human biology, says Amway research scientist Deepa Shenoy.

Janet E. Collins
How Will Women Affect the Future of Food?
IFT Staff
Can GMOs and organic coexist?
Kelly Hensel
Improving the Food System One Stove at a Time
A. Elizabeth Sloan
Guys and Groceries: A Look at How Men Shop and Cook
Roger Clemens
A Decade of Commitment: More to Come
Karen Nachay
Trending Ingredient Topics
Linda Milo Ohr
Enduring the Road to Recovery
Neil H. Mermelstein
Less Trans Fat for Mrs. Sprat
J. Peter Clark
The Evolution of Thermal Processing
Aaron L. Brody
Food and Beverage Makers Show Packaging ‘App-titude'
Dennis T. Gordon
Nutrients of Public Health Concern

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