Unusual Pairings Drive the Next Byte Kelly Hensel | May 2014, Volume 68, No.5


Michael Laiskonis and Florian PinelAfter winning Jeopardy three years ago, IBM’s Watson decided to take its supercomputing skills into the kitchen. Teaming up with chefs from the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), the Watson team launched the Cognitive Cooking project with lofty goal of seeing if a computer can help the most ingenious chefs in the world be even more creative. Drawing on a database of tens of thousands of recipes and ingredient combinations, and input from the chefs, Watson produces a list of ingredients for a dish that the regular foodie has probably never thought of. Florian Pinel, Senior Software Engineer at IBM Watson Group, and Chef Michael Laiskonis, Creative Director at ICE, share their experiences developing and interacting with Watson for the Cognitive Cooking project.

Click here to read the interview and get Chef Laiskonis' recipe for Ecuadorian Strawberry Dessert, developed using IBM Watson's cognitive computing

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