IFT 2015 Awards & Fellows (Online Exclusive) June 2015, Volume 69, No.6

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is proud to announce its 2015 Fellows and Achievement Award winners

2015 IFT Achievement Award Winners

IFT Achievement Awards recognize remarkable contributions in research, applications, and service in the food science and technology industry. The roster of 2015 honorees is as follows.


Stephen TaylorNicolas Appert Award

Stephen L. Taylor, PhD, professor and co-director, Food Allergy Research & Resource Program, Department of Food Science & Technology, University of Nebraska, received the 2015 Nicolas Appert Award for his comprehensive investigative work on food allergens, which includes their detection, the determination of threshold doses, the implementation of risk assessment approaches, and effects of food processing on allergens and their detection.


JulianBabcock-Hart Award

David J. McClements, PhD, professor in the Department of Food Sciences at University of Massachusetts Amherst, received his PhD in food science in 1989 at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. He did his postdoctoral research at the University of Leeds, University of California, Davis, and University College Cork in Ireland. He has authored or coauthored four books, edited or coedited six books, published more than 600 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals (with an H-index of 70), published more than 50 book chapters, and has three patents. He has previously received awards from the American Chemical Society, the American Oil Chemists’ Society, the Society of Chemical Industry, the Institute of Food Technologists, and the University of Massachusetts in recognition of his scientific achievements.


Keith HarrisWilliam V. Cruess Award for Excellence in Teaching

Gabriel Keith Harris, PhD, associate professor and undergraduate coordinator of food science at North Carolina State University, received the 2015 William V. Cruess Award for Excellence in Teaching for his demonstration of knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm in the field of food science and technology. He wishes to thank his family, friends, students, and colleagues for their advice, generosity, and inspiration. He especially wishes to thank his wife, Claudia, and his children, Jimmy, Carolina, and Nicolas Santiago, for the love and support they provide every day.


David Patrick GreenCarl R. Fellers Award

David Patrick Green, PhD, professor and department extension leader in the Department of Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences at North Carolina State University, received the 2015 Carl R. Fellers Award for his longstanding dedication to enhancing the profession of food science. Green is a professor and the department extension leader in the Dept. of Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences at North Carolina State University. He served as director of the Center for Marine Sciences and Technology and chair of IFT’s Aquatic Food Products Division. Green is known worldwide for his innovative outreach programs and for bringing recognition to food science.


AseptiaFood Technology Industrial Achievement Award

Aseptia and North Carolina State University Department of Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences received the 2015 Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award for the development and commercialization of a new generation of shelf-stable products using microwave-assisted aseptic processing. The partnered business and academic team achieved a revolutionary aseptic preservation system with nutrient, flavor, and quality retention for shelf-stable products and introduced items that included soups, purees, and smoothies to the U.S. market with significant success.


Pablo CoronelIndustrial Scientist Award

Pablo Coronel, PhD, Vice-President of Research & Development Aseptia, received the Industrial Scientist Award for his pioneering work in the understanding and development of processes for pasteurization and sterilization of foods using continuous-flow microwave heating. Coronel’s research has allowed the development of advanced preservation processes, including aseptic packaging, with regulatory acceptance and commercial introduction. This groundbreaking technology has resulted in shelf-stable foods with superior nutrient and flavor retention developed by Aseptia. Coronel is considered the leading world expert in this unique field.


Octavio ParedesW.K. Kellogg International Food Security Award and Lectureship

Octavio Paredes-López, PhD, DSc, biotechnology laboratory head, Cinvestav, National University Polytechnic Institute, received the 2015 WK Kellogg International Food Security Award for his research in improving access to and safety of nutritious food, notably prickly pear, common beans, amaranth and maize flour, in the poorest areas of Mexico, as well as his leadership in training students and scientists in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He has also created regional networks for food science training.