August 2017

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August 2017


  • Purpose-Driven Food Science
    Mary Ellen Kuhn
    For four days in Las Vegas this summer, IFT17 brought together a community of people dedicated to advancing the science of food and presented them with a wide array of products, ideas, and experiences designed to inspire them to think big and act boldly.
  • IFTNEXT Advances the Science of Food
    Bob Swientek
    IFT’s bold new initiative dedicated to inspiring innovation got off to a strong start at IFT17.
  • New Insights and Approaches to Diet and Obesity
    Toni Tarver
    Sessions during the IFT17 Scientific Program revealed new approaches to diet and obesity—some of which may be controversial.
  • What’s Up, What’s Next With Consumers
    A. Elizabeth Sloan
    At IFT17, experts from the International Food Information Council and Mintel shed light on shifting consumer preferences during a series of presentations.
  • Innovative Products Tap Clean Label Trend
    Bob Swientek
    IFT17 innovation award winners offer solutions to today’s food issues and trends of clean label, sodium reduction, and simple and rapid fat analysis for enhanced quality control.
  • Game-Changing Ingredient Innovation
    Karen Nachay and Melanie Zanoza Bartelme
    Ingredient suppliers at the IFT17 food expo provided a broad array of solutions to help food formulators address the consumer demands that are altering the product development landscape.
  • Healthful Ingredients Take On Industry’s Top Trends
    Linda Milo Ohr
    Functional and healthful food ingredients highlighted at the IFT17 food expo help food formulators develop on-trend products to meet the demands of consumers.
  • Exhibitors Provide Food Safety & Quality Solutions
    Neil H. Mermelstein
    More than 1,150 companies exhibited their products and services during IFT17. Here are brief descriptions of many of the Food Expo exhibits related to food safety and quality.
  • Suppliers Solve Processing Problems
    Tara McHugh
    Exhibitors at the IFT17 food expo offered inventive options for addressing food and beverage processing needs.
  • In Las Vegas, Good Things Come in Packaging
    Claire Koelsch Sand
    The roles of packaging—to reduce food waste, enable clean label products, enhance product shelf life, and meet the demands of new and emerging food processing techniques—were showcased at IFT17 in symposia, poster sessions, and exhibits.


John Coupland
Thank You and Goodnight
Roger Clemens
Nutritional Anthropology, Starvation, the Health of Children, and a Call to Action
Toni Tarver
Cultivating the Evolution of Rice
David A. Behringer
The $250 Billion R&D Problem

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