Protocols & Standards

Protocols and StandardsBackground

Interoperability will be a core concept for this work. The purpose will be to raise the level of collaboration between food organizations that need uniform performance criteria for using technologies and applications, while we also address the need to minimize impacts of traceability on the speed of commerce. 

One area of immediate concern for many stakeholders is the risk that the rapid changes to technical systems and traceability requirements and regulations are overwhelming the resources of many food businesses. Recognizing that there is already significant progress being made by global standards organizations, the Center will act as a focal point for stakeholders to consider, endorse and adopt uniform traceability protocols and standards covering the entire food system.


  • Provide a focus for objective and reliable opinion, and give the industry a forum where it can conduct dialogue and consider common performance criteria, open technical standards and protocols.
  • Raise the level of collaboration between food organizations that need standard performance criteria, technologies and applications.
  • Minimize impacts of traceability on commerce.
  • Focus the development and practical application of open traceability standards.

Intended Outcomes 

  • Partnerships between government and industry as well as research and academic institutions to communicate knowledge and help to fill gaps and concerns with public policy concerning traceability. 
  • Issues addressed may include, for example, technical interoperability standards for use across the whole chain, or assisting businesses with development of food traceability programs.
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