Technology Transfer

Global Food Traceability Center Technology TransferBackground

This business involves ‘marrying solutions to problems’ and is a longer-term endeavor. The objective will be to help build a common approach to commercializing innovative food traceability solutions.

The Center will lead collaboration among academia, government, and industry to incubate the use of existing data collaboration and traceability tools in order to solve gaps and problems.  There are literally thousands of commercial tools and solutions that can help agriculture and food businesses; however, it is often difficult for firms to access information about these solutions and to acquire the expertise for implementing them in their own businesses. For the companies developing these solutions, it is often difficult to find those customers who need help.

One early question to address will be the gap in current system-wide food traceability technologies; those solutions that can be used by small and mid-sized firms in the entire food system. The Center would investigate data collaboration and traceability concepts and embryonic solutions, share its research, and communicate the lessons learned by others, in order to accelerate the implementation of practical solutions.


  • Lead collaboration among academia, government and industry to incubate the use of existing data collaboration and traceability tools to solve current gaps and problems. 
  • Scan market demand, economic potential, and customer needs concerning interoperable traceability solutions

Intended Outcomes

  • Development of data collaboration and traceability research priorities, sharing research efforts, and communicating results from other jurisdictions.
  • Revenue sharing models with solution providers based on cultivating developments that arise from projects managed and supported by the Center.
  • Policies developed to account for the benefits of the discovery or invention around intellectual property rights (and patents, licensing etc.).  
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