Food Traceability Education & Training GFTC PROJECT CONCEPT


To design, develop, and deliver food traceability learning courses.


A food traceability curriculum that starts with addressing general principles, systems, and common or best business practices; then extends the learning to include implementation assistance, and onto project management supporting tools and techniques.

We are anticipating delivery of multiple courses during the first year via Internet and webinar, as well as in-classroom settings at IFT or partner facilities depending on the nature of the content and needs of clients.


The course content will initially meet the needs of a broad range of food system stakeholders – specifically from farming through the entire food system to the point of sale to consumers. The first course(s) may be ‘higher level’ in terms of general principles and practices.

The content will fit within a common framework, with targeted content for the audience (for example case histories that align with the participants’ businesses).

We also want the courses to evolve and become more comprehensive in future years. This project will be open to members and non-members of IFT. Depending on the development of the offering, it may include in-class as well as online versions.


Initial webinars have already been delivered and are available via the On demand Webcasts pages. Future education and training events will be announced regularly through IFT’s Knowledge Center pages.

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