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Upcoming Events:

Microal 2014
Iguassu Falls, Paranã, Brazil – October 12-15, 2014
GFTC will present how various sectors of the industry are advancing on their traceability journey, what opportunities exist for alignment and interoperability of global efforts, and share the latest on global food regulations and best traceability practices.

2014 China International Food Safety and Quality Conference & Expo
Shanghai, China – November 5-6, 2014
GFTC will host a half-day session addressing the global food traceability regulations, standards, and best practices in the food industry. The session will present GFTC’s latest Guidance Document report which describes best practices in key food sectors, and provides recommendations to government agencies around the world. The session will include speakers from China, Europe, and USA who will discuss the status of regulations, traceability systems development, and a vision for a global food traceability system.

2014 Dubai International Food Safety Conference
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – November 9-11, 2014
GFTC will lead a half-day track on food traceability that highlight soon-to-be published reports on global food traceability regulations and a Guidance Document detailing best traceability practices from around the world in key food sectors. Also, learn how select European food companies leverage their traceability systems and practices to gain new customers in the food service industry.

Past Events:

2014 International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting
Indianapolis, IN, USA 
– August 3-6, 2014
GFTC will be presenting during several sessions at IAFP’s Annual Meeting on issues related to food defense and fraud.  The focus will be on the current state of traceability regulations, standards and technology, and how traceability helps mitigate risks and vulnerabilities in the food system.

IUFoST 17th World Congress of Food Science & Technology & Expo
Montreal, QC, Canada – August 19, 2014
The GFTC will lead a panel discussion concerning global food traceability regulations, based on results of recent research into the traceability regulations and requirements from 21 OECD countries. Discover how business is leveraging both regulatory and voluntary industry requirements to gain real benefits of brand equity and increased market share.

2014 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo
New Orleans, LA, USA 
– June 21-24, 2014 
The GFTC will be leading three technical sessions on food traceability during IFT’s annual meeting:

Global Food Traceability Systems: Today and the Near Future


Michele Southall
Food Traceability: From Produce Fields to Consumers' Tables (pdf)

Hilary Thesmar
Taking the Bull by Its Horns: An Industry Perspective (pdf)

Tejas Bhatt
Food Technology Innovations on the Horizon (pdf)

Harmonizing Food Traceability Standards and Regulations: Chasing a Tail or Charting a Trail


Sylvain Charlebois
Comparison of Global Food Traceability Regulations and Requirements (pdf)

Angela Fernandez
Harmonizing Food Traceability Standards and Regulations: Chasing a Tail or Charting a Trail (pdf)

Brian Sterling
Harmonizing Food Traceability Standards and Regulations

Food Traceability: Important for Food Safety, Imperative for Food Defense


Jason Bashura
PepsiCo and Food Defense (pdf)

Therese Almonte
A Comprehensive Approach – Tackling the Unknown (pdf)  

Tejas Bhatt
Traceability Best Practices: Tracing Our Path Forward (pdf)

GS1 Connect Conference 2014
San Diego, CA, USA 
– June 11, 2014
Hear how grocery retailers of fresh foods are progressing on their traceability journey and what opportunities exist for alignment and interoperability. Learn the latest on FSMA, and the resources being developed through the IFT Global Food Traceability Center.

European Symposium on Food Safety 2014
Budapest, Hungary - May 7, 2014

GFTC hosted two sessions on the current state and the future of food traceability. The first talk was titled “Traceability Best Practices: Tracing Our Path Forward” and the second one was titled “Food Technology Innovations on the Horizon”.

Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global 2014
Brussels, Belgium - May 6, 2014

GFTC hosted a session on the “State of Seafood Traceability” that included an international group of stakeholders from China, Belgium, Germany and USA. The purpose was to engage the industry in a dialogue around the use of technology in seafood traceability, including the role of interoperability and the potential barriers to implementation.

Food Safety Summit 2014
Baltimore, MD, USA – April 8, 2014

GFTC conducted a joint tabletop exercise with Deloitte Consulting and The Acheson Group, steering a mock recall and trace-back investigation in response to a simulated foodborne outbreak. The exercise engaged the attendees in playing the role of regulatory agencies like FDA, while the organizers played the role of the food industry.

2014 International Production & Processing Expo
Atlanta, GA USA – February 27-28, 2014

GFTC participated in an educational seminar with the University of Arkansas and Oklahoma State University that explored the technologies and implementation challenges of traceability in livestock and meat processing operations.

2013 World Seafood Congress
St. John’s, NL, Canada – September 29-October 3, 2013
GFTC presented a session on “A New Paradigm for Food Traceability and Potential Impact on the Seafood Industry” about technology interoperability and the implementation of traceability in the seafood production and processing sectors, with a focus on the use of Key Data Elements and Critical Tracking Events.


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