Inspiring Innovation to Feed the Future and Beyond

IFTNEXT is a heightened, purpose-driven commitment to bringing provocative ideas and discoveries together to inspire thoughtful, important conversations that challenge conventional approaches with the goal of informing global issues related to the science of food.

The initiative—supported by our Platinum Innovation sponsor Ingredion Incorporated— facilitates future-forward conversations, content, learning opportunities, and competitions that explore how global, transdisciplinary collaboration can advance innovation to help solve real-world food-related challenges.

Ingredion Incorporated
IFTNEXT is made possible through the generous support of Ingredion Incorporated
IFT’s Platinum Innovation Sponsor.

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How Supply Chain Innovation Can Contribute to Sustainability 

Virtual Event
December 14, 2017 | 2:00-3:00 p.m. CST

Food scientists often picture the solution to feeding 7.2 billion people as large-scale, industrialized, and efficient food systems that produce high quantities of food with minimal waste products. Although these systems are relevant, they only offer one dimension of global agriculture. With 815 million people who go hungry, 155 million undernourished children, 2 billion people suffering from micronutrient deficiencies, and a shocking 2.0 billion adults overweight or obese, we need a more comprehensive approach to functioning food systems. Join the IFT Food Laws and Regulations Division for an interactive virtual event with global experts Jessica Fanzo, Jack Bobo, and Paul West to discuss how food science can offer unique solutions to these international challenges.

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Funding Disruption in Today’s Food Industry

Virtual Event
On-Demand Coming Soon!

Stagnant sales revenues, the 3G effect, changing consumer preferences…the food industry is experiencing massive shifts. As a result, new and innovative entrepreneurial solutions are hitting the marketplace. Start-ups play a critical role in the research and development ecosystem. But, which funding options are best for food start-ups and how do you get exposure to investors? In this virtual event, we will explore why now is a great time to consider entrepreneurship and provide breakouts with ideas for attracting major funding channels. Panelists include representatives from Accel Foods venture capital group, Rutgers University Food Innovation Center, and IFT.

Food Disruption Challenge

An annual competition and program nurturing future food-focused entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, are you looking for an exciting opportunity to pitch your latest innovation and get high profile exposure? Apply for IFT’s new IFTNEXT Powered by Ingredion Food Disruption Challenge competition.

This exciting opportunity will identify 6–8 finalists and culminate with a high profile pitching featured session at IFT18. The winner will receive the IFTNEXT Food Disruptor of the Year award including a cash prize, mentoring, legal resources, and matchmaking with venture capitalists. Be the first IFTNEXT Food Disruptor of the Year.

Applications will be available winter 2017.

Visit the IFTNEXT Food Disruption Challenge's Facebook group to stay up to date with information and recent developments with the competition. 

Environmental Shifts

Environmental impacts of shifting diets

Video Presentation/Slideshow

Tamar Haspel, Washington Post columnist, moderated a Facebook Live discussion that took place at IFT17 on how shifting diets to more plant-based food might impact the environment. Panelists include: Mary Christ-Erwin, Taylor Wallace, Adam Drewnowski, and Jessica Fanzo.


Sound Off

Sound Off! Three Industries' Success Stories for Environmental Monitoring, Food Safety Validation, and Sanitation (PDF)

Brian Dunning, Sanjay Gummalla, Scott Goltry
Visual summary/ Infographic

We ’ve all seen media coverage of recent food pathogen disasters and understand the need to get in front of them. With the new Preventive Controls for Human Food it has become increasingly critical to the food industry to adequately monitor, verify and validate preventive controls including sanitation controls. See how industry has responded to the complexities and challenges of validating a kill-step, controlling sanitation, implementing EMPs and creating a food safety culture.


How Plants Fight Food Microbes

Video Presentation

In response to consumers’ growing desire to find natural options in processed foods, the industry is rethinking natural preservatives. Simona Birtic’s presentation looks at how plants fight food microbes and shares how one company has researched potential applications for botanical extracts. 

You may be surprised by what they found.


Small Food Comes of Age

Food Technology Feature Article

As big food scrambles to deal with declining market share, entrepreneurs are playing an increasingly important role as food industry disruptors. A broad array of resources—ranging from shared kitchens to food incubators to business accelerators—is available to support entrepreneurs, and venture capital is flowing freely in the direction of start-up companies with bright ideas and viable business plans.

In this feature, we take a close-up look at several forward-thinking food and beverage entrepreneurs whose innovative ideas are changing the food industry landscape. Read more in the September issue of Food Technology.


Start-Ups Drive Innovation in Food

Video Presentation

In the United States alone, small food start-up brands could account for 15% of a $464 billion sector in a decade’s time compared with 5% now, according to Bernstein Research. So what does it take to make it as a food start-up in a market where innovation is exploding? Three start-ups from various sectors of the food industry discussed this and more with Food Technology magazine’s senior digital editor Kelly Hensel in a Facebook Live chat that took place at IFT17.


Video: Experts Demo 3-D Food Printing, Discuss Challenges

Video Presentation

3-D printing, a relatively new technology for producing novel foods, has caught the attention of a wide range of food professionals—from culinary specialists to military feeding programs. At an IFTNEXT session at IFT17, several presenters discussed the latest research and demonstrated 3-D printing of food.


IFTNEXT Programming Gets Underway at IFT17

Food Technology Feature Article

IFTNEXT, IFT’s bold new initiative dedicated to inspiring innovation, got off to a strong start at the IFT17 annual event in Las Vegas in June, unveiling unique programming, presentations on the IFTNEXT stage, a Start-Up Alley featuring forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and an innovation competition.

Among the highlights of the programming was a thought-provoking presentation by scientist, professor, and TED Senior Fellow Andrew Pelling, who reflected on curiosity, creativity, and the scientific method. A “Food Technologists Without Borders” panel discussion introduced an initiative in which IFT and its Feeding Tomorrow Foundation are collaborating with several not-for-profit organizations to set up volunteer programs that leverage the know-how of the IFT community. An interactive session on “Design Thinking for Food” offered insight into the ways in which design thinking tools can be used to arrive at innovative solutions to food challenges. And that’s just a small sampling of the IFTNEXT programming that got those on hand in Las Vegas thinking, talking, and sharing ideas. Read more in the August issue of Food Technology.