Food and Nutrition Labeling

Updated December 15, 2015

Food and nutrition labeling requirements impact food formulation and marketing of foods.  Food labels are designed to provide consumers with information to help make informed food choices.  Accurate and easy-to-understand nutrition labeling is considered by many public health advocates as one important strategy, among many, to improve diet and address obesity. Well-designed labels may have the potential to ‘nudge’ consumers to make informed purchasing and consumption decisions and adhere to the Dietary Guidelines.  Additionally, disclosure of nutrition information and provisions for various claims encourages food scientists and technologists and food manufacturers to reformulate/formulate food and beverage products and offer healthier alternatives.

This web-based content on food and nutrition labeling policies in the US and other countries and labeling resources is intended to help food scientists, regulatory, marketing, and other stakeholders stay up-to-date on labeling requirements.  It provides links to labeling regulations in the United States and several other countries, and resources from IFT and other non-government organizations.