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Labeling Requirements & Implications for Foods Marketed in the United States
Labeling a food product properly is as important to its legal compliance as manufacturing.  Enhance your understanding of the regulations affecting the labeling of food products.  Examine the legal naming of a food product, listing its ingredients (such as flavors), presenting its nutritional details, and making claims related to nutrient content, health effects, and production method.  

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Here’s what previous attendees had to say:

  • “All of the instructors were true experts in their fields and excellent presenters.  Thanks for a terrific course!"
  • “This labeling course has exceeded my expectation.  I came in expecting that the class would be monotonous, but that was not the case.  It was a lot of materials that we covered in 2 days, but at the end I went home with a better understanding about the subject.”
  • “I really enjoyed that the presenters incorporated humor and anecdotes into their presentations, as it made topics that are dry much more interesting.”

You will be able to: 

  • Understand the specific requirements relative to labeling from both the FDA and USDA perspectives.  
  • Identify which statements should be made about the nutrients in your food products, including ingredient statements, nutrition labeling requirements, nutrient content claims, health claims, and structure/function claims. 
  • Find the legal references for labeling requirements.
  • Learn about label statements that contribute to food safety and promote health and wellness.
  • Identify what’s next for food label controversies and regulations.
  • Create and evaluate a food label.
  • Learn about which types of claims are drawing attention from regulators and civil class action lawsuits.

Intended Audience:  

  • Food Scientists
  • Management 
  • New Product Managers and technologists 
  • Operations & Production Personnel  
  • Personnel who interact with R&D 
  • Product Developers 
  • QC/QA
  • R&D
  • Regulators
  • Researchers
  • Sales & Marketing

Learning LevelIntroductory

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