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IFT 2014

Title Description Speaker(s)

Prebiotic claims: A brief history and challenges for the future

This presentation discussed the food industry’s use of the term ‘prebiotic’ and current issues with respect to making health claims on foods containing prebiotic ingredients.

Christine Pelkman

Characterization and evaluation of in vitro prebiotic properties of apple marc

This presentation compared the prebiotic effects of apple marc to those of inulin.

Angelica Cerda Tapia, Lourdes Perez Chabela

Pineapple waste as a novel prebiotic source and its impact on selected probiotic bioactivities in yogurt

This presentation discussed the possible prebiotic effects of pineapple by-products, and their ability to enhance bioactive peptide liberation during yogurt manufacturing.

Baidya Nath P Sah, Todor Vasiljevic, Sandra McKechnie, Osaana Donkor

Immobilized whole cells of Lactococcus lactic containing a hyperthermophillic beta-galactosidase for efficient GOS production

This presentation discussed a new technology for efficient production of a food grade galactooligosaccharide whey ingredient for food use.

Lu Yu, Dan O’Sullivan

Enzymatic production of prebiotic oligosaccharides from potato rhamnogalacturonan I

This presentation suggested that oligosaccharides generated from potato rhamnogalacturonan I may offer improved prebiotic activity.

Nastaran Khodaei, Salwa Karboune

Antioxidant, anti-hypertensive, and hypocholestrolemic properties of synbiotic yogurt containing pomegranate polyphenols

This presentation discussed the supplementation of synbiotic yogurt containing prebiotics with pomegranate juice concentrate to further improve the health functionality of yogurt.

Fatemeh Miremadi, Mutamed Ayyash, Frank Sherkat, Lily Stojanovska

Sensory properties of a functional wheat bread enriched with inulin from artichoke Cynara scolymus, L. by-products

This study examined the organoleptic properties and consumer acceptance of bread produced with the different flour fractions obtained from the processed artichoke-by-products to test their potential as healthy functional bakery ingredients.

Maria J Frutos-Fernandez, Domingo Ruiz-Cano, Jose Antonio Hernandez-Herrero, Francisca Perez-Llamas, Salvador Zamora, Miguel Hernandez

Nursing our microbial selves: Milk oligosaccharide utilization by gut microbiota

This presentation discussed current research regarding the utilization of dietary oligosaccharides to promote health from the standpoint of the food scientist.

David Sela

Immobilized feruloyl esterase on epoxy-activated supports: Thermal stability and catalytic efficiency for the synthesis of feruloylated oligosaccharides

This presentation discussed feruloylated oligosaccharides as functional ingredients with prebiotic and antioxidant properties

Juan Tamayo Cabezas, Salwa Karboune

Proanthocyanidin from cranberry alters growth characteristics of human microbiota in a dose-dependent manner

This study suggests a prebiotic effect on gut microbiota (in vitro) with potential prebiotic effects in vivo of purified cranberry proanthocyanidins.

Kenneth Racicot, Steven Arcidiacono, C-Y Oliver Chen, Jason Soares

IFT 2013

Title Description Speaker(s)

Enhancement of Lactobacillus growth by yerba mate extract

This presentation discussed the effects of yerba mate extract on the growth of Lactobacillus bulgaricus in vitro, and its possible prebiotic behavior in the human gut.

Caroline Rempe, Kellie Parks Burris, C. Neal Stewart

Technological properties of lactic acid bacteria with probiotic potential isolated from artisanal Mexican cheese

This presentation discussed the effect of different prebiotics on growth of lactic acid bacteria strains.

Lourdes Santiago-Lopez, Adrian Hernandez-Mendoza, Belinda Vallejo-Cordoba, Ricardo Reyes-Diaz, Aaron Gonzalez-Cordova

Biofortification of lentils (Lens culinaris L.): A whole food solution for global micronutrient malnutrition

This presentation discussed biofortification of lentils with many ingredients including prebiotics.

Debjyoti Sen Gupta, Dil Thavarajah, Pushparajah Thavarajah, Casey Johnson, Darshika Amarakoon, Shiv Kumar, Gerald F Combs

D-Fagomine: The nutritional revolution of functional sugars

This presentation discussed D-fagomine, a potential functional ingredient that helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and also shows a very selective prebiotic effect at small doses.

Sergio Pumarola

Optimization and mathematical modeling of galactooligosaccharides production with immobilized enzyme from a lactose model solution

This presentation discussed the use of mathematical modeling to study the reaction mechanism of galactooligosaccharides. 

Flor Gonzalez Cataeo, Silvia Amaya Llano, Eduardo Castaro Tostado, Carlos Regalado-Gonzalez, Blanca Garcia Almendarez

Effects of enzymatically-extracted purple rice bran fiber as a protectant of Lactobacillus plantarum NRRL B-4496 during freezing, freeze drying, and storage

This presentation examined the protective effect of purple-rice-bran-fiber (as a possible prebiotic fiber) on Lactobacillus plantarum during food product formulation and processing.

Arranee Chotiko, Subramaniam Sathivel

Development of a mozzarella functional cheese with agavin prebiotic fiber

This presentation discussed the effect of the addition of agavin prebiotic fiber on physicochemical and textural properties of mozzarella cheese.

Myrna Martinez, Carolina Ramirez Lopez, Jorge F Velez Ruiz

Measuring suitability of ginseng extract as a prebiotic agent in probiotic yogurt

This presentation discussed a symbiotic relationship between the prebiotic components of ginseng and L. rhamnosus GR-1 in yogurt.

Adriana Cimo, Mohammad Soltani, Ed Lui, Sharareh Hekmat

Storage survival of different Lactobacilli encapsulated with citrus peels by spray drying

This presentation discussed the potential prebiotic effect of citrus peels as encapsulating agents.

Paola Hernandez-Carranza, Aurelio Lopez Malo, Enrique Palou, Maria Teresa Jimenez-Munguia

Short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS) - Overview and technical benefits for commercial applications

This presentation provided an overview on short-chain fructooligosaccharides including technical properties and functionality benefits as it relates to commercial applications.

Cristina Munteanu

Solubilization of dietary fiber as obtained of Amaranthus hypochondriacus stubble and its potential as prebiotic

This presentation discussed the study that assessed the prebiotic activity of Amaranth stubble by converting it into soluble fiber through acid hydrolysis.

Jorge Soriano, Daniela Flores-Caldero  Jose, Ramen Verde Calvo, Ezequiel Delgado-Fornue

Study of the concentration of galactooligosaccharide, fructooligosaccharide, and yacon extract in the bifidogenic effect of probiotic bacteria

This presentation discussed the study that examined the ability of various prebiotics to stimulate the bifidogenic activity of probiotic strains for potential application in symbiotic products. 

Angelica A Vieira Adami, Glaucia M Pastore, Rosangela D Santos

Immobilization and stabilization of levansucrase of great potential for the synthesis of novel prebiotic fructooligosaccharides

This presentation discussed method to stabilize Levansucrase for commercial synthesis of prebiotics from many high sucrose and fructose products.

Andrea Hill, Salwa Karboune, Cesar Mateo

Beyond gut health to bone health: New evidence for the multiple health benefits of short-chain fructooligosaccharides

This presentation provided an overview of the role of fermentable fibers in human health, and reviewed the mechanism by which short-chain fructooligosaccharides affects gut health and gut microbiota.

Kelly Tappenden

IFT 2012

Title Description Speaker(s)

Evaluation of prebiotic index and prebiotic activity of cactus pear ( Opuntia ficus ) and pineapple ( Ananas sativus ) peel flours on probiotic Lactic acid bacteria

This presentation discussed the effect of cactus pear and pineapple peel on the growth of probiotic lactic acid bacteria.

Juan Diaz-Vela, Alma E Cruz-Guerrero, Alfonso Totosaus, Lourdes Perez-Chabela

Hedonic analysis, texture analysis, and antioxidant capacity of a multifunctional ice cream

This presentation discussed the results of consumer acceptability, organoleptic assessments, physical properties, and the antioxidant capacity of ice cream containing both prebiotics and probiotics, and different amounts of fiber.

Ting-Ning Lin, Ingolf Gruen

Development of non-dairy synbiotic rice pudding with extended shelf life

This presentation discussed the development of a non-dairy synbiotic rice pudding product and its quality, organoleptic characteristics, and probiotic concentration over time.

Kanitha Tananuwong, Aoitip Samanros, Cheunjit Prakitchaiwattana

IFT 2011

Title Description Speaker(s)

Sensory evaluation of probiotic yogurt containing food products with prebiotic fibers in Mwanza, Tanzania

This presentation described the sensory properties and consumer acceptability of probiotic yogurts containing prebiotic fiber.

Sharareh Hekmat , Stephanie Irvine

Effect of almond on intestinal microbial flora and digestive enzymes activities in rats

This presentation discussed the impact of almonds on gut microbiota, and digestive enzyme in rats.

Zhi Bin Liu , Wei Wang, Wen Zhang, Guangwei Huang, Pingfan Rao, Li Ni

Chemical and biological stability of prebiotics in processed foods

This presentation discussed the chemical and biological stability of 5 commercially available prebiotics.

Kristina Moore, Duar R, Ang E, Hoffman M, Randy Wehling, V Schlegl, Robert Hutkins

IFT 2010

Title Description Speaker(s)

Impact of prebiotic galactooligosaccharides on the intestinal microbiota of healthy adults

This presentation described the impact of foods containing prebiotics on the composition of human gut microbiota.

Lauren Davis, Ines Martinez, Jens Walter, Robert Hutkins

Agro-industrial subproducts as fiber and prebiotic source for food products

This presentation discussed the composition of agro-industrial sub-products such as fruit peels and leaves for use as prebiotic food ingredients.

Juan Diaz-Vela, Guadalupe Cruz-Mendez, Luciareli Gracia-de-Caza, Paulina Chavez-Cepeda, Cesar Nava-Gomez, Alfonso Totosaus, Lourdes Perez-Chabela

Evaluation of chicory inulin and orange albedo as prebiotics in the growth of lactic acid bacteria

This presentation discussed the effect of chicory inulin and orange albedo on the growth of probiotic lactic acid bacteria.

Juan Diaz-Vela, Lino Mayorga-Reyes, Alfonso Totosaus, Lourdes Perez-Chabela

Formulating a multifunctional ice cream

This presentation discussed the development of multifunctional ice cream that delivers several functional components such as fiber, probiotics and antioxidants.

Ting-Ning Lin, Ingolf Gruen

The consumption of FOS and inulin-reduced ovariectomy induced bone loss in rats

This presentation discussed the efficacy of prebiotics (inulin and fructooligosaccharide) at enhancing bone mass in postmenopausal rat models.

Glaucia Pastore, Claudia Cardoso Netto, Rosângela dos Santos, Mario Roberto Maróstica Júnior,

Antihypertensive effect of low-fat-yogurt: In vitro vs. in vivo

This presentation discussed the anti-hypertensive effects of low-fat yogurt formulations containing both prebiotics and probiotics.

Lata Ramchandran

Alginate coating as carrier of prebiotics and to maintain the quality of fresh-cut apples

This presentation described the stability of prebiotics in alginate coatings on apple slices and the potential for developing functional foods.

Christian Roessle, Nigel Brunton, Ronan Gormley, Francis Butler

Fibrous and prebiotic ingredients for health promotion in pets

This presentation discussed the inclusion of prebiotic functional ingredients in pet foods to promote healthy gut microbiota composition.

Kelly Scott Swanson

IFT 2009

Title Description Speaker(s)

Sensory evaluation of ice cream made with prebiotic ingredients substituted for sugar

This presentation addressed the consumer acceptability, and sensory attributes of ice creams formulated with prebiotics as a partial substitute for sugar.

Julie Albrecht,  Jennifer Wood

Consumer perception of drinkable yogurts made with prebiotics and probiotics

This presentation addressed consumer liking and sensory acceptance of drinkable yogurts made with prebiotics and probiotics.

Lisa Allgeyer, Michael Miller, Soo-Yeun Lee

Fermentation of prebiotics by Clostridia and other colonic bacteria

This presentation discussed the fermentability of prebiotics by various colonic bacteria.

Lauren Gemar, Robert Hutkins

Probiotics and prebiotics in fermented sausage

This presentation discussed the feasibility of including prebiotics and probiotics in fermented meats, such as fermented sausages, and the challenges associated with production of these functional foods.

Frederic Leroy, Luc De Vuyst

Galactooligosaccharides as an alternative ingredient to improve nutritional profile of chocolate truffles

This presentation discussed the physical, chemical, nutritional, and sensory changes in chocolate truffles with galactooligosaccharides as a fat and sugar replacer.

Sandra Zurbrugg, Alexander Suter, Shang-Tian Yang, Yael Vodovotz

Galactooligosaccharides: From mother’s milk to mainstream foods

This presentation discussed the health benefits of galactooligosaccharides--- a prebiotic.

Anne Birkett

IFT 2008

Title Description Speaker(s)

Overview of carbohydrates and digestive health

This presentation provides an overview on the definition and types of dietary fiber, and their fermentation and colonic effects.

Bruce Hamaker

Prebiotics in infant nutrition or specific oligosaccharides can support the immune system of infants

This presentation discussed recent research findings on prebiotics and improving infant health through nutrition.

Jan Knol

Towards second generation carbohydrate functional food ingredients

This presentation discussed the enzymatic production of carbohydrate functional food ingredients targeted towards gut health.

Robert Rastall

New research indicates high potential of prebiotics for immune-modulatory effects and defence against infections

This presentation discussed the potential beneficial effects of prebiotics such as protect infants against enteral disorders, prevent allergies, and improve gut microbial composition.

Margriet Schoterman

In vitro prebiotic effect of Agave spp. and Dasylirion spp. fructans

This presentation discussed the prebiotic potential of agave fructans and as a fermentable substrate for probiotic bacteria.

Judith Urias-Silvas, Mercedes Lopez

Development and evaluation of a novel second-generation prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (GOS) mixture

This presentation discussed the development of second generation prebiotics (prebiotic compounds that have multiple biological health activities) and their specific health benefits.

George Tzortzis

Physiochemical characteristics, probiotic viability and microstructure of an oat-based symbiotic yogurt-like product

This presentation described the organoleptic, probiotic, and acceptability characteristics of an oat-based yogurt food.

Helen Walsh, Jane Ross, Mingruo Guo

Stimulating effect of tobacco biomass hydrolysates on the growth of probiotic cells.

This presentation discussed the functional properties of tobacco biomass hydrolysates, their effect on probiotic growth, and their potential for use as prebiotics.

Irene Yossa, Martin Lo

Effect of diet on intestinal fermentation process: Importance to health and wellness

This presentation provided an overview of the impact of diet on gut microbiota and the importance of prebiotics and probiotics for promoting digestive health.

Daniel Gallaher

IFT 2007

Title Description Speaker(s)

A novel Andean root as an alternative source of fructooligosaccharides and functional compounds: Chicuro (Stangea henrici)

This presentation discussed the chemical composition (fructooligosaccharides, total phenolics, antioxidant activity and dietary fiber) of Chicuro an Andean root and its potential as a functional food ingredient.

David Campos, Indira Betalleluz, Rosana Chirinos, Renzo Tauquino, Romina Pedreschi,

Prebiotics and digestive health

This presentation provided an overview of the health benefits of prebiotics and their impact on digestive health and disease prevention.

George Fahey

Evaluation of non-digestible carbohydrates isolated from mushroom sclerotia as novel prebiotics

This presentation discussed the prebiotic potential of non-digestible carbohydrate isolated from mushroom sclerotia.

Shane Gao, Connie Lai, Peter C.K. Cheung

Providing a framework for considering the intestinal impact of carbohydrates

This presentation discussed the role of dietary carbohydrates in human health, and the hurdles (physical, business and legal) faced by the food scientist in developing functional foods.

Dennis Gordon

Prebiotics, pathogens, and intestinal health

This presentation provides an overview of prebiotic functions and their antimicrobial and potential health-promoting characteristics.

Robert Hutkins

Prebiotics and bone health

This presentation discussed the impact of fructans on mineral utilization and absorption in the digestive system, and bone health in postmenopausal rat models and adolescent girls.

Connie Weaver

Application benefits of prebiotics

This presentation provides an overview of the sensory and functional properties of prebiotic fibers when used as a functional ingredient in formulating foods to meet consumer’s demands for taste, texture and convenience. 

Juliana Zeiher

IFT 2006

Title Description Speaker(s)

Isomaltooligosaccharides as prebiotics

This presentation discussed the functionality of isomaltooligosaccharides as prebiotics in food.

Chang-Ho Chung

Consumer acceptability and preference of peach-flavored yogurt beverages containing synbiotics

This presentation discussed the consumer acceptability of peach-flavored yogurt beverages containing both probiotics and prebiotics vs. traditional yogurt beverages.

Elyse Cottone, Lauren Dooley, Nancy Gonzalez, Martin Sancho-Madriz, Koushik Adhikari

Prebiotic market overview

This presentation discussed marketing of prebiotic products, current trends, and ingredients to promote in functional foods.

Andy Dobson

Prebiotics--Past, current, and future

This presentation provided an overview of the role of prebiotics in functional foods and discussed emerging uses of prebiotics in human health.

Maren Hegsted

Functional activity of commercial prebiotics

This presentation discussed a quantitative method for evaluating the ability of commercial prebiotics to selectively stimulate various probiotic bacteria.

Jennifer Huebner, Robert Hutkins

A comparative study of the prebiotic potential of food fiber from different sources

This presentation compared the prebiotic potential of fibers from different food sources including fruit, cereal, and mushrooms.

Ying Lee, P.C.K. Cheung

Improved serum lipid profiles and morphology of red blood cells in pigs fed a high-cholesterol diet by Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC 4962, fructooligosaccharide, inulin and mannitol

This presentation discussed the effects of a synbiotic product on plasma lipid profile and red-blood cells membrane properties in pigs on a high-cholesterol diet.

Min Tze Liong, Frank Dunshea, Nagendra Shah

Oligosaccharides and their prebiotic effects

This presentation provided a comprehensive overview of oligosaccharides --- health effects, processing technology, applications, regulatory status, emerging research, and nutritional claims.

Leon Zhou, Dominique Baumann

IFT 2005

Title Description Speaker(s)

Development of symbiotic products for in-vitro removal of cholesterol using response surface methodology

This presentation discussed the optimization of prebiotic/probiotic synergistic pairings for cholesterol removal.

M. Liong, Narendra Shah

IFT 2004

Title Description Speaker(s)

Effects of prebiotic supplementation on eggshell quality from aged hens

This presentation discussed the effects of dietary prebiotic supplementation on eggshell quality in aged hens.

Y. Chen, T. Chen

IFT 2003

Title Description Speaker(s)

Fructooligosaccharides in yogurt: Functional and microbiological properties

This presentation discussed the impact of prebiotics on the functional, microbiological, and sensory properties of yogurt.

R. Hutkins, S. Cuppett, H. Voss, H. Kaplan

Current development of functional foods in Japan for Asian markets

This presentation provides an overview of the regulations and development of functional foods including those containing prebiotics in Japan.

K. Shinohara  

IFT 2002

Title Description Speaker(s)

Prebiotics in dairy beverages

This presentation discussed the feasibility of the addition of prebiotics to milk beverages and the impact on consumer acceptability and sensory qualities.

L. Mauer, N. Davis, L Hartono, D. Smith

Effect of prebiotics on bone mineralization in Fisher 344 male weanling rats

This presentation discussed the effects of diets containing oligofructose and inulin on bone mineralization in male rats.

J. Richardson, M. Verghese, I. Bonsi, L. Walker, L. Shackelford, C. Chawan

IFT 2001

Title Description Speaker(s)

Efficacy and use of prebiotic and symbiotic products

This presentation provided an overview of probiotics and prebiotics, examples of their use in functional foods, health benefits, and future developments.

G. Gibson

IFT Webcasts 2013

Title Description Speaker(s)

Prebiotics: What's New in the Netherlands and United States  

This webinar discussed new tools for rapid detection and validation of health promoting effects of various carbohydrates, and discussed multidisciplinary approach to further research and build technology in the area of prebiotics.

Diederick Meyer, A. Voragen, Joanne Slavin


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