Introduction to the Food Industry Whether you are a high school student curious about the science of food or a new employee joining the food industry community, this tool is for you.

These lessons provide insights into a wide array of career opportunities in a broad range of industry disciplines.

Lesson Descriptions:

Lesson 1  - Food Safety & Quality Assurance
Using milk processing as an example, examine the essential issues of food safety and quality assurance.

Lesson 2  - Processing Food
Learn the processing steps involved in making bread, peanut butter, strawberry jam, and milk.

Lesson 3 - Nutrition, Labeling & Packaging
Explore the science of nutrition and understand its relationship to food packaging and labeling.

Lesson 4 - Integrated Resource Management
Develop an understanding of what it takes to manage resources effectively in order to manufacture the right food products, at the right time, and in the right quantities.

Lesson 5 - From the Plant to the Store
Discover just what it takes to get food and beverages from the processing plant to the grocery store on schedule and in appropriate amounts.

Lesson 6 - From the Store to the Shopper
Understand how retailers use marketing, pricing, and promotion to position their products for the shopper.

Lesson 7 - The Customer Service Chain
Gain insights into how supermarkets develop a loyal consumer base via customer service, continuous improvement, and more.

Lesson 8 - Food Preparation at Home
Get the must-know facts on preparing and preserving food at home using refrigeration, freezing, and microwave technologies.

Lesson Components:

  • Learning Objectives: What you should know after completing the unit.
  • Subject Matter: An overview of the unit's content.
  • Careers: Required education and specific careers related to the unit's work process.
  • Activity Description:  How to perform the activity.
  • Questions: A list of questions to answer and fill in after completing the activity.
  • Glossary of Terms:  Definitions of any new or unfamiliar terms covered in the unit.
  • References: Publications and videos in the library.

    This learning tool was designed, written, and produced as a public service to the educational community by Safeway Inc. in partnership with California Polytechnic University's Food Science and Nutrition Department in San Luis Obispo, Calif., and Arroyo Grande High School in Arroyo Grande, Calif.