Brian Thane: Food Packaging Professional What is it really like to be a food scientist? What do food scientists do each day? What kinds of things do they think about? Learn more about what it’s like to be a food scientist in the words of people who do it every day.

IFT Member Brian Thane, Director of Aseptic Technology at Tetra Pak in Denton, Texas, talks about providing aseptic packaging to 170 countries, the interesting and rewarding aspects of his job, and how it contributes to the food science profession. Thanks to the support of IFT's Food Packaging Division for a look at the day of the life of a food packaging professional.

More on Aseptic Packaging (Audio Interview)

IFT interviews the recipient of the 2007 World Food Prize, Dr. Philip E. Nelson about the use of his aseptic processing and packaging innovation in reducing post-harvest waste, making many fruits and vegetables available year-round, and easier to transport worldwide.

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