Food Science Experiments

Use food to help teach science, the Food Science Experiments are designed for use in middle and senior high school science classes.

Experiments have been grouped for chemistry and biology classes. They include teacher and student information and activity guides, sample data tables, and, where appropriate, visual masters for copying.

(Experiments and handouts are pdfs and require Adobe Reader.)


Food Chemistry encompasses the composition and properties of food components and the chemical changes they undergo during handling, processing and storage.Food science in chemistry deals with Food Constituents (chemicals of food); Nutritional Value of Food; and Biochemistry & Food.

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Food Chemistry Experiments
These experiments examine carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.

Enzymes in Food Systems Experiments
Three food science experiments covering catalase activity, changes in plant pigments, and enzymatic browning of apples.

The Mini Experiments in Food Science Series
Three mini experiments demonstrate how color and appearance can affect the perception of quality in food products.


Food science in biology deals with: Botany; Zoology; Physiology; Microbiology; and Biotechnology &Food.

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Microbiology in Food Systems Experiments
Four food science experiments related to microbiology and fermentation.

Experiments in Food Science
These seven experiments examine various aspects of food science, from molds to potato chips.

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