Food Safety Robert Brackett, Ph.D., Vice President and Director, Institute for Food Safety & Health, Illinois Institute of Technology, explains how food science keeps our food supply safe.

In a world without food science, food safety would be a guessing game. It would be up to consumers to decide what is safe, what is not.  They would have to try to figure out what sort of microorganisms might be on their food and

Can You Imagine?
What a world without food science would look like:

- No way to keep food fresh

- Nutrition would be a guessing game

- Food would look and taste bad

- Food would cost a lot more

- Dinner would take all day to prepare

- Food would be unsafe to eat

- There wouldn't be enough food for everyone

The good news?

Thousands of dedicated food science professionals, are preventing this frightening scenario from becoming a reality. They are developing safe, nutritious, healthy and plentiful food that consumers eat everyday.