Food Engineering


Guidelines for the Preparation and Review
of Engineering and Physical Properties Data

Also see the nomenclature guidelines developed by the Food Engineering Division.

Nomenclature and Units:

For expression of units, the International System (SI) should be followed.

Manuscript Sections

In addition to the standard sections, two additional sections are permissible and often desirable: "Notations" and "Theoretical Considerations."

A Notations section should contain two sub-lists (if appropriate). First, a "symbols" list, arranged alphabetically, with accompanying definitions. Second, a "subscript- superscript" list, with definitions that have consistent meaning throughout the article. This sub-list should be arranged alphabetically or in numerical order, as appropriate. The Notations section should be placed immediately after the Abstract.

If a section on Theoretical Considerations is deemed appropriate, it should contain discussion and derivations of theoretical relationships (if not available in published literature), and it should be placed immediately after the Introduction.