Guidelines for the Preparation and Review
of Papers Reporting Foodservice Research Data

by the IFT Foodservice Division

THE FOODSERVICE DIVISION of the Institute of Food Technologists has prepared the following guidelines for use by authors in preparing papers reporting foodservice research data for publication in Journal of Food Science , as well as for use by reviewers when evaluating the suitability of such manuscripts for publication.

The supplementary instructions presented here are intended to help authors determine whether their work: (1) is suitable for publication in JFS, and (2) conforms to special JFS protocols, if the topic of the submitted manuscript is in one of the following areas: Engineering/Physical Properties, Foodservice, Fruits and Vegetables, Microbiology, Nutrition, Seafood, or Sensory Evaluation.

Primary information for authors preparing manuscripts for publication in the Journal of Food Science appears in the Author Information on this site, and in J Food Sci 67(9):3553 (2002).

Materials and Methods

In addition to information on equipment/instrumentation, reagents, food products, experimental methods/design, and statistical treatment of data, the following information should be provided:

Foodservice setting (for example, hospital, restaurant, and so on)

  • Field work
  • Rationale
  • Geographical location
  • Type of establishment [number and type of production sites, number and type of service sites, annual sales volume in $/yr (optional)]
  • Production capacity [number of meals/day; number of full-time equivalents/day(optional)]
  • Type of menu [cycle, selective or semi-selective, a la carte]
  • Simulation in laboratory [rationale, description, simulation language used and justification]

Food product flow in foodservice system

  • Type of foodservice system [conventional; cook-hot/hold; ready foods; cook/chill; cook/freeze; assembly/serve; commissary; other (describe)]
  • Product flow chart
  • Actual or expected data for food, equipment, and environment during handling [times and temperatures, humidity, other (e.g., steam pressure)]