Sensory Evaluation

Guidelines for the Preparation and Review of Papers Reporting Sensory Evaluation Data

Updated January 2019

The Sensory and Consumer Sciences section of JFS publishes innovative, basic and applied research related to human sensory perceptions and the assessment of food products and ingredients. Researchers considering submitting manuscripts or initiating research with the intent of submitting to this section should first determine if the topic of their study fits within the scope of the Sensory and Consumer Sciences section.  

Authors are encouraged to consult the Society of Sensory Professionals website for general guidance on the design, execution, analysis and reporting of sensory data. This is especially relevant when standardized methods (e.g., difference tests, descriptive analysis) are being employed.

Additional resources include:

Sensory Evaluation Standards, American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Standards Catalog (67.240 - Sensory analysis), International Organization of Standardization (ISO)

The manuscript should provide sufficient experimental details to enable editors and reviewers to evaluate the validity of the findings and for other researchers to replicate the experiments. This requirement applies to all manuscripts whether standardized tests or novel and innovative methodologies are used.