IFT's Publication Rights

Journals Permissions Requests

To obtain permission to reprint partial or full content from previously published Journal of Food Science (JFS), Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety (CRFSFS), or Journal of Food Science Education (JFSE) articles, find the article you wish to reproduce on Wiley Online Library, and click on the "Request Permissions" link in the table of contents listing (also in the "ARTICLE TOOLS" menu when viewing the Abstract). Fill out and submit the RightsLink® request form. You may need to register for a RightsLink® account and pay a fee, where applicable. For more information, click here

Publication Rights for Content Presented at IFT's Annual Meeting

We are very pleased to offer you the IFT Annual Event as the platform to present your research. IFT's Annual Event attracts scientists from across the world in many fields of study. We are equally proud of the readership that our flagship journal, the Journal of Food Science, attracts. If you choose to publish your research in JFS (as authors from more than 90 countries have), your work will attract the attention it deserves. We hope that you carefully consider your decision as to where to publish your paper. - Allen Foegeding, Editor-in-Chief, IFT Scientific Journals

Policy and Procedures

Authors submitting papers to the IFT Annual Event are not required to submit papers for publication in an IFT publication. However, IFT, as sponsor of this meeting, retains “right of first refusal” before any paper presented at its meetings is published elsewhere. This policy, also followed by many other scientific societies, reflects the position that by giving authors a forum to present their research, IFT should be given the first chance to publish the findings. If the author wishes to publish the paper elsewhere, the author must so request.

IFT’s journals -- the Journal of Food Science (JFS), Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety (CRFSFS), the Journal of Food Science Education (JFSE), and Food Technology -- always welcome quality, science-based articles for publication. As soon as possible after the Annual Meeting, authors should visit ScholarOne Manuscripts at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jfs to submit their manuscripts to JFS, CRFSFS, and JFSE.


To submit to Food Technology, contact Bob Swientek at bswientek@ift.org or 312.604.0274 for further information.