JFS Supplement Policy

Journal of Food Science: Sponsored Supplements

The Journal of Food Science welcomes proposals for sponsored journal supplements.  Sponsored supplements are published as an installment of the journal volume and disseminated online and in print to IFT members and individuals as well as corporate, not-for-profit, and academic institutions around the world.  Sponsored supplements typically focus on a particular theme or area of research that is within the journal's aim and scope.  Supplement content, like all content published in the Journal of Food Science, is rigorously peer-reviewed and meets the highest standards of academic integrity and publication ethics.

Proposal Review Process

Each proposal to sponsor a supplement in the Journal of Food Science will be considered by a representative of the Institute of Food Technologists and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Food Science.  Proposals will be evaluated based on the aim and scope of the journal, the mission and bylaws of the IFT, and the interests of the field at large.  The IFT and the editor reserve the right to refuse any proposal for any reason and will make every effort to respond to proposals in a timely manner.
Supplement sponsors will be given an estimate for the cost of the supplement during the proposal review process.  Estimates are based on the information provided by the sponsor (see above) and may be revised to reflect changes to the parameters of the project.

Sponsorship Process

Once a proposal is accepted, the sponsor will be contacted by Wiley to finalize the cost of the project and execute a formal agreement.  Sponsors will receive an invoice for half the total cost of the supplement at the beginning of the project and again after the supplement is published and shipped. Supplement sponsors must agree at this stage to follow the journal author guidelines. Upon acceptance of manuscripts, authors must complete and sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement or OnlineOpen agreement if the supplement is to be published Open Access.

Supplement Review and Publication Process

Once a proposal is accepted, it is assigned to a supplement editor who is chosen for their expertise in an area of research most relevant to that which is to be featured in the supplement.  The supplement editor will work directly with the sponsor(s) to ensure each paper is submitted via the journal's online submissions system, ScholarOne Manuscripts and each undergoes the appropriate peer-review and revision process according to a schedule agreed in advance. The supplement editor has the right to reject at any time any content that does not adhere to the journal’s standard of academic integrity and publication ethics.


For more information regarding the Journal of Food Science, please visit the journal homepage: www.journalfoodsci.com.  Queries regarding the journal’s sponsored supplement policies and procedures can be directed to:

Amanda Ferguson, Associate Director, IFT Scientific Journals
Institute of Food Technologists, 525 W. Van Buren, Ste. 1000, Chicago, IL 60607
Phone:  312.604.0246, E-mail: aferguson@ift.org