Can Processed Foods Be Healthy? Now more than ever, the role of food in health is of great interest and concern to many people.

March 5, 2012

IFT member Eric Decker, Ph.D., Professor and Department Head of Food Science at University of Massachusetts Amherst, was the guest speaker at the National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research, NC-FAR, Hill Research Seminar Series covering the subject, “Do processed foods have a place in a healthy diet?".
Now more than ever, the role of food in health is of great interest and concern to many people.  Part of this concern has been generated by the numerous books, TV shows and movies that have attempted to define the healthiest diet.  During much of this debate, processed foods have been demonized as the root of our nutritional problems.  However, when you look at this issue more closely many questions arise:  What exactly is a processed food? Are all processed foods equal? Can we really eliminate processed foods from the diet? Is there any evidence that processed foods are unhealthy?  This seminar took a critical look at the origin and composition of processed foods to evaluate if they can fit into a healthy lifestyle.

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NC-FAR is a consensus-based and customer-led coalition, that brings food, agriculture, nutrition, conservation and natural resource stakeholders, together with the food and agriculture research, extension and education community.  NC-FAR serves as a forum and a unified voice, in support of sustaining and increasing public investment at the national level in food and agricultural research, extension and education.  IFT is a founding member of NC-FAR.  More information about NC-FAR and the Hill Seminar Series can be found at

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