Expert Reports Comprehensive, state-of-the-science reports prepared by a panel of internationally renowned scientists.

Making Decisions about the Risks
of Chemicals in Foods

This Expert Report delves into the legal U.S. underpinnings of the risk management of chemical substances in foods, international considerations, risk-benefit evaluation, and the need for a new approach to timely decision-making with limited scientific information.

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Antimicrobial Resistance: Implications for the Food System

A panel of internationally renowned experts address the concern that the use of antimicrobials in food production, manufacturing, and elsewhere may lead to the emergence of foodborne pathogens that are resistant to antimicrobials.

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Additional IFT Expert Reports

Functional Foods: Opportunities and Challenges
This report also emphasizes the importance of functional foods, provides scientifically based guidance for demonstrating both safety and efficacy, and provides a comprehensive summary of the applicable U.S. laws and regulations. 
(released March 2005)

Emerging Microbiological Food Safety Issues: Implications for Control in the 21st Century
The continued occurrence of foodborne illness is not evidence of the failure of our food safety system. In fact, many of our prevention and control efforts have been—and continue to be—highly effective.
(released February 2002)

Biotechnology and Foods
This report focuses on rDNA biotechnology-derived foods, food ingredients, and animal feed of plant origin, and on the use of rDNA biotechnology-derived microorganisms such as yeasts and enzymes in food production.
(released September 2000)

About IFT Expert Reports

Expert panels are convened to address major topics of current interest to researchers, the food industry, Congress, and the public. The objective is to increase understanding, amongst our members and all interested parties, of the current state of scientific knowledge relative to public policies about the selected topics. The topics -- selected by the Science Reports and Emerging Issues Committee -- are those that IFT believes are timely and can make a positive contribution to the stated objective.

When released, each Expert Report is accompanied by numerous outreach documents, such as backgrounders, one-page summaries, frequently asked questions, and news releases. These documents present the Expert Report's content in non-technical formats that may be especially useful for varied audiences.

To promote broad use of the Expert Reports, the full text of each report and all the accompanying materials are available via the links below. Printed copies are available on a limited basis. Contact the Science and Policy Initiatives regarding availability.

The IFT Foundation funds the Expert Reports.