Food Packaging Innovations: The Science, Current Research and Future

May 7, 2006

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) convened its fifth Research Summit May 7- 9, 2006, in Baltimore, MD. The topic for the summit was “Food Packaging Innovations: The Science, Current Research and Future Needs”. The Summit Committee chair, John Floros, Professor and Head of Pennsylvania State University’s Food Science Department and IFT’s President-Elect for 2006-07 opened the summit by appealing to participants to identify research needs and provide a roadmap for the future of food packaging. Dr. Floros challenged the attendees to focus on where packaging should go in the next 10 to 15 years given an unlimited world of resources. A total of 10 presentations were made by scientists and scholars during the four scientific sessions: food quality and safety needs, material science and technologies, sensing technologies and packaging in the future. The sessions were designed to have main speakers and discussants who also served as session chairs and break-out group leaders. Research needs were identified through an interactive process involving small group discussions.

Full Report

IFT Food Summit Summary Report

The presentations below are in PDF format.

Session 1: Food Quality and Safety Needs

Food Quality and Shelf Life  
Joe Hotchkiss, Cornell Univ.

Food Quality & Safety Needs: Food Safety Aspects  
Per Nielsen, Ph.D., Technical Univ. of Denmark

Food Packaging Regulations  
Sara Risch, Michigan State Univ. School of Packaging

Session 2: Materials Science and Technologies

Polymer-Based Nanocomposites: Opportunities Relevant to Packaging
Evangelos Manias, Pennsylvania State Univ.

Bio-Based Nanocomposite Materials for a Sustainable Future in Packaging
Amar Mohanty, Michigan State Univ. School of Packaging

State of the Art of Active/Intelligent Food Packaging
Aaron Brody, Ph.D., Brody, Inc.

Session 3: Sensing Technologies

Sensing Technologies for Microbial Detection / Safety  
Joseph Irudayaraj, Purdue Univ.

Nano Bio Sensors & Integrated Microsystems for Intelligent Food Packaging  
Mahadevan Iyer, Georgia Institute of Technol.

Session 4: Packaging in the Future

Packaging and Our Food System in the Future
John Floros, Pennsylvania State University

Reflection On & Integration of All Topics
Sara Risch, Michigan State University School of Packaging

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