The Obesity Conundrum-Is there a Food Solution

February 15, 2004

IFT's third Research Summit brought together world-renowned scientists to identify the means by which to solve the problem of obesity -- arguably the most pressing public health problem in this country.  Summit participants addressed actions needed to advance the understanding of biological and physiological mechanisms affecting appetite, satiety, long-term eating behavior, energy balance vs.imbalance, and food-related solutions to the obesity epidemic. 

Obesity Summit Presentations (PDF):

The Worldwide Epidemic of Overweight and Obesity-Environmental Causes and Control
Claude Bouchard

Behaviorial Influences on What We Eat
Ricardo Uauy

Freedom to React! 
Van Hubbard

ObesityConundrumOne: Is There Evidence That a Food Solution Can Impact Overweight Through Biological Mechanisms: Appetite, Satiety, and Energy Balance
Stephen C. Woods

Are there Nutrients and Hormones that Alter Daily Food Intake as well as Body Weight and Obesity 
Henry Koopmans

Obesity Conundrum Two: Can a Food Solution Influence Long-Term Eating Behavior 
Adam Drewnowski

The Role of the Media in Influencing Healthy Lifestyles
Sylvia Rowe

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