Sweeteners: Development, Choices and Product Utilization

  • Sweeteners: Development, Choices and Product Utilization
  • April 8-9, 2013
  • New Brunswick, NJ New Brunswick, New Jersey
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    Sweeteners: Development, Choices and Product Utilization

    This intensive 2-day training is designed to provide the attendee with a background of sweeteners related to sourcing and type as available for food use.

    The lecturers will overview how the industry has progressed from sucrose as the primary sweetener to today, including a variety of sucrose substitutes, as well as, products that provide varying degrees of sweetness, and varying types of functional attributes. The course will include the types, their functionality and how to use such sweetener based on a variety of food application systems, including products such as: sucrose, conventional liquid and dry-wet milled sweeteners, fructose, polyols (sugar alcohols), maltodextrins and enhanced or high intencity sweeteners.

    Speakers from industry representing such companies as ADM. Ajinomoto, Cargill, Grain Processing and Tate & Lyle will present topics from a basic scientific overview, to applications and to why each sweetener works.

    Maximize Your Learning! Attend this course and its Companion Course: Starch: Chemistry, Properties and Applications April 10-11, 2013 • New Brunswick, NJ • Course ID #542

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