Practical Food Microbiology

  • Practical Food Microbiology
  • December 5-6, 2013
  • Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey
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    Practical Food Microbiology

    If you develop, process, distribute or sell food for a living, there is a bare minimum you need to know about food micro: 

    • Which pathogens are most likely to cause trouble; 
    • When/why do they threaten product/customer safety; and, 
    • How to best manage/control the risks posed by these organisms. 

    If you have never taken a food micro class, we will teach you the most critical points for food safety applications. Even if you have, you will learn when and how to use powerful – but often abused and misunderstood -- tests, tools and models that were not on the market just five years ago. Learn to make better choices by understanding the limits and applicability of data produced as well as the danger of starting with ill-considered assumptions!

    Contact Information

    Dalynn Knigge
    Rutgers University