Crystallization Technology

  • Crystallization Technology
  • July 22-24, 2013
  • The Heldrich Hotel 10 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick, New Jersey
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    Crystallization Technology

    This course provides a practical treatment of crystallization technology, presented in light of the many recent advances in the understanding of crystallization processes. 

    Emphasis will be given to the practical problems of crystallizer operation, and a logical way of understanding the potential and limitations of crystallizer performance will be presented. Both organic and inorganic systems will be treated in batch and continuous mode. Elementary topics in the analytical description of particle-size distributions will be presented. 

    The treatment will not emphasize the mathematics of particle distributions, but rather the basic principles involved and the results that can be applied. Practical problems to be considered are Crystal Size Distribution (CSD) and its interaction with crystal habit, purity, and fouling; secondary nucleation; crystallizer configuration, e.g., seeding, classification, fines removal, scale-up considerations, the impact of mixing, polymorphism, crystallizer transients and stability, and online measurement of crystallization parameters. Efficient techniques for scanning crystal growth, nucleation and habit modifiers will be discussed. These problems will be considered from both analytical and operational points of view. Participants are asked to bring a hand-held calculator to the course.

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