Food Extrusion Technology

  • Food Extrusion Technology
  • July 29-31, 2013
  • Northbrook, IL , Illinois
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    Food Extrusion Technology

    Food extrusion has become a very important processing operation. Today, the food extruder is used to produce pasta and other cold formed products, ready-to eat cereals, snacks, pet food, confectionery products, modified starches for soup, baby food and instant foods, beverage bases and texturized vegetable proteins.

    This course is designed to provide a thorough background in extrusion principles and practice. Details of both single and twin screw extrusion of foods will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on describing the basic scientific and process engineering principles to extrusion operation in a simple, clear and concise approach that enables good understanding of the extrusion process. This fundamental approach will lead directly to the discussion of the control and operation of extruders to optimize production and product quality. The chemical nature and modifications of food components making up the ingredients commonly used in extrusion operations will be described. Combined with a better understanding of extrusion principles, the course should lead to better controlled and optimum extrusion operation.

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