Principles and Tools of Sensory and Consumer Research

  • Principles and Tools of Sensory and Consumer Research
  • May 6-8, 2013
  • The Westin Verasa Hotel 1314 McKinstry Street Napa, California
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    Principles and Tools of Sensory and Consumer Research

    This 3-day course is taught by Dr. Benoît Rousseau and Dr. John Ennis with invited speakers: Dr. Michael O'Mahony of UC Davis and Frank Rossi of Kraft Foods.

    Part 1: Tools for Difference Testing and Ratings In the first two-day part of this course, you will achieve a deeper understanding of commonly used difference testing and rating methods to select experimental procedures that best fit your budget and research objectives. The topics covered follow. For more details, please see the course brochure and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. To register, please call 804 675 2980 or use our on-line registration form. Enrollment is limited.

    Part 2: Principles and Applications of Drivers of Liking® In this one-day portion of the course, you will develop a better understanding of several commonly available techniques used to understand consumer needs, expectations, and uncover a product category’s drivers of liking (just-about-right scaling, factor analysis, internal and external preference mapping) by comparing them in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. You will also be introduced to Landscape Segmentation Analysis® (LSA), a technique that takes into account each consumer’s ideal product profile, and contrast LSA with the previously mentioned analytical methodologies. The topics covered follow.

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