Fundamentals of Food Science Short Course

  • Fundamentals of Food Science Short Course
  • April 28-May 01, 2014
  • Penn State University Food Science Building University Park, Pennsylvania
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    Fundamentals of Food Science Short Course
    This course teaches core concepts of Food Science. It is designed for technical personnel from other disciplines (chemistry, biology, engineering) and nontechnical personnel who have little or no experience in the food industry. You will learn vocabulary associated with food science and manufacturing, and learn the core principles of food chemistry, engineering, microbiology, nutrition, sensory science, and packaging taught in the context of real-world food examples. The course includes a group project to manufacture a food product in the pilot plant. Each team will make a different product to illustrate the core principals of Food Science. Teams will share their experience and knowledge of their product at the end of the course. The group project provides hands-on experience that will enhance critical thinking, team building and communication skills through the manufacture and development of a food product.

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