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2013 Award Recipients

Food science and technology matters. Professionals in the field improve availability, nutrition, and safety of the world's food supply. They bring scientific and technological innovation to an increasingly global marketplace. They give back to the community through teaching and leadership.

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Babcock-Hart Award

Richard Mattes, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition Science at Purdue University, Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine, received the 2013 Babcock-Hart Award for his work in expanding our understanding of oral fat detection, appetite regulation and health effects of nut consumption.

Bor S. Luh International Award

George E. Inglett, Lead Scientist at the US Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service and the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, received the 2013 Bor S. Luh Award for his outstanding achievements in technology transfer and international exchange of ideas in the field of Food Technology.

Calvert L. Willey Award

James J. Albrecht, Former Vice President of McCormick Inc., received the 2013 Calvert L. Willey Distinguished Service Award for providing continuous and outstanding service and stewardship to IFT for more than 44 years by serving in leadership positions on more than 25 committees, task forces and juries, including serving on the Board of Directors.

Carl L. Fellers Award

Dennis R. Heldman, Dale A. Seiberling Professor in Dairy and Food Engineering, Ohio State University, has received the 2013 Carl R. Fellers Award for his outstanding work in improving the field of food science, inspiring food engineers and scientists, and for his many excellent leadership roles in both the IFT and Phi Tau Sigma.

Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award

Mars Inc., received the 2013 Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award for its research program on cocoa flavanols, the results of which will not only continue to enable the development of a range of new nutritionally-balanced products, but may eventually lead to the development of dietary recommendation for cocoa flavanols and play a role in improving public health.

Myron Solberg Award

Daniel F. Farkas, Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University, received the 2013 Myron Solberg Award for developing and nurturing successful collaborations amongst multiple institutes and supporting departmental programs, including innovative food processing methods.

Nicholas Appert Award

Kenneth R. Swartzel, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, North Carolina State University, has received the 2013 Nicholas Appert Award for his research and development results, methods and techniques which have transcended the boundaries of food industry and are being applied in high technology industries, for his lifetime dedication of teaching and mentoring, and for mapping the field of Food Technology by being well-recognized throughout the world.

Research and Development Award

MaryAnne Drake, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, North Carolina State University, has received the 2013 Research and Development Award for impacting the dairy food industry, both nationally and globally, by leading a comprehensive and unique research program on dairy foods flavor.

Samuel Cate Prescott Award

Nitin Nitin, Assistant Professor, University of California-Davis, has received the 2013 Samuel Cate Prescott Award for his outstanding, interdisciplinary research career in areas of food engineering, biomaterials and molecular imaging; his research and innovations have significantly improved energy efficiency of baking and drying processes and quantitative analysis of pathogen interactions with food materials.

W.K. Kellogg International Food Security Award and Lectureship

Anna V.A. Resurreccion, Retired Distinguished Research Professor of the University of Georgia, and currently President of the RSR International Group, LLC, has received the 2013 W.K. Kellogg Award for developing an exceptionally creative research program for measuring and quantifying consumer preferences and sensory quality of food, and using this to design, develop and optimize value-added food products that deliver nutrition and health benefits to populations in non-industrialized countries, globally.

William V. Cruess Award

Mark A. Harrison, Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Georgia, has received the 2013 William V. Cruess Award for inspiring, mentoring, and encouraging undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Georgia to excel in the academia and the industry of Food Science and Technology.

Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award

Daniel Ennis, President, The Institute for Perception, has received the 2013 Sensory and Consumer Sciences Award for profoundly impacting the field of sensory science, most notably with his development of a unified theory of sensory measurement and his molecular models in the chemical senses.

Elizabeth Fleming Stier Award

Olga Padilla-Zakour, Associate Professor, Food Processing, Cornell University, has received the 2013 Elizabeth Fleming Stier Award for promoting new food businesses and economic development, laying the foundation for educational programs tailored to the needs of food processors in New York State and beyond,  dedicating her energy as the Director of the Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship, and for serving as an advisor, professor, and mentor of Cornell University’s graduate students.



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