Membership Referral Program No one is better qualified to spread the word about the benefits of membership in IFT than you, a dedicated member.

Recruiting New Members is Easy and Fun

Here's your chance to spread the word about IFT. Not only can you help advance a colleague's career, but you might just earn some exciting rewards doing so.

Top Three Reasons for Members to Refer New Members:

  1. Create a stronger community of peers to collaborate with
  2. A chance to win a $500 AMEX gift card, a Kindle Fire, or a $100 Amazon gift card
  3. Help your friends and colleagues by introducing them to the benefits of IFT membership

When you recruit a new member, you ensure that the organization continues to grow and support the careers of the food scientists and technologists who drive this dynamic field.



Contact Katie Masterson

Program Manager

“If you want to have a career as a food professional in the food science and technology industry, joining IFT is imperative. I was more than happy to help IFT expand its membership base, as it is one of my favorite organizations.   And, the tools provided made it easy."

Stanley Hong
Senior Research Scientist
Schreiber Foods Inc.