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Sweeter Swaps: How to Choose Sustainable Sweeteners
Kate Geagan, Clean Eating, November 20, 2018
This article details the growing popularity of alternative sweeteners.  A study published in the Journal of Food Science on adulterated honey is mentioned. 

45 million turkeys end up on Thanksgiving tables — now blockchain lets you learn about farms where birds came from
Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Chicago Tribune, November 16, 2018
The article details how blockchain provides insight into which farms various turkeys came from and highlights Cargill’s recent traceable turkeys announcement. Comments from Andy Kennedy are included.

15 foods you can eat past their expiration dates
Zoe Miller, Business Insider, November 9, 2018
This article highlights a list of foods that can still be eaten after their expiration date. A Journal of Food Science study on the nutrients found in canned foods is mentioned. 
Also published in: Business Insider Malaysia, Business Insider Singapore, Business Insider Australia    

Jackfruit Is the Game-Changing Vegan Ingredient That Perfectly Mimics Meat
Christine Yu, Prevention, November 4, 2018
This article highlights jackfruit and the various vegetarian dishes it can be included in. A Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety study on the functional components of jackfruit is mentioned.

Eating on Mars Will Be Complicated and Cold
Neel V. Patel, The Daily Beast, October 29, 2018
This article details the challenges associated with finding a food source on Mars. Comments from Michele Perchonok, CFS are included throughout.

How Important Are Sell By Labels, Really?
Tess Koman, Delish, October 23, 2018
This article discusses the misconceptions around dates listed on food packaging. An article from IFT on the difference between use-by dates, sell-by dates, and best-by dates is mentioned.  

5 Must-Try Dragon Fruit Recipes
Lara McGlashan, Oxygen Magazine, October 22, 2018
This article discusses the health benefits of dragon fruit and recipes that incorporate it. A Journal of Food Science study that found dragon fruit can potentially prevent certain types of cancer is mentioned.

5 Weird Things That Affect Your Taste Buds & Just Might Make Your Food Taste Better
Jordan Bissell, Elite Daily, October 16, 2018
This article lists five factors that can affect consumers’ taste buds and how they taste certain foods. The Journal of Food Science study on how VR can impact perception of taste is mentioned.

A-HED Anyone for Diglycerides? Anyone? Food Scientists Are Getting Fed Up With Picky Eaters
Annie Gasparro, Wall Street Journal, October 12, 2018
The article delves into the challenge the food industry faces with educating consumers on certain ingredients, as well as the growing popularity of the clean labeling trend. Comments from Maria Velissariou and John Coupland are included.  

Drinking two cups of coffee a day could boost male fertility, research suggests
Marie Claire Dorking, Yahoo! UK, October 11, 2018
This article discusses a new study that found coffee could potentially increase male fertility. The Journal of Food Science study that looked at how caffeine impacts perception of sweetness is also mentioned.  

Six Technologies That Could Shake the Food World
Annie Gasparro and Jessie Newman, Wall Street Journal, October 2, 2018
This article details technologies that could overhaul the food industry, including 3-D printed foods and edible bar codes. Comments from IFT's Chief Science and Technology Officer are included at the end of the piece.  

The Science is Clear: Dirty Farm Water is Making Us Sick
Elizabeth Shogren and Susie Neilson, WIRED, September 27, 2018
This article details how the E.coli found in dirty water can contaminate produce and make consumers sick. A study published in the Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety on the microbial hazards in irrigation water is cited.
Also published in: Huffington Post, Salon, Alternet, Mother Jones, Truthout

FDA Weighing Risk, Traceability Rules for Leafy Greens
Ted Agres, Food Quality & Safety, September 24, 2018
This article discusses the need for increased traceability requirements for leafy greens following recent E. coli outbreaks in romaine lettuce.

7 Remedies That Easily Get Rid of Bad Breath
Annamarie Higley, Taste of Home, September 22, 2018
This article discusses various ways to combat bad breath. A Journal of Food Science study that found milk can help lessen the concentration of odorous compounds found in garlic is mentioned.

Eating with your eyes: Virtual reality can alter taste
Blaine Friedlander, Cornell News, September 20, 2018
This article details a recent study published in the Journal of Food Science on using virtual reality to show how people’s perception of real food can be altered by their surroundings.
Also published in:, Under Technology, Science Blog  

Berries identified as edible, a rosebush hasn't ever bloomed and more
Don Kinzler, AgWeek, September 15, 2018
This article details buffaloberries, where they are located, and their various health benefits. A Journal of Food Science study on the antioxidants found in buffalo berries is mentioned.
Also published in: Inforum, FCC Interactive, The Dickinson Press

Transitioning to Plant-Based Foods
Matthew Kadey, Muscle and Performance, September 7, 2018
This article discusses the process of incorporating plant-based ingredients into consumers’ diets. A Journal of Food Science study that found partially replacing meats with plant‐based ingredients in certain dishes did not negatively impact perceived flavor and overall meal satisfaction is included.

Is marijuana food's next functional ingredient?
Emma Liem, Food Dive, August 23, 2018
This article discusses the use of marijuana as a functional ingredient and its potential health benefits. The discussion around cannabis at IFT18 is mentioned.

6 Ways Drinking Refreshingly Tart Kombucha Tea Can Benefit Your Overall Health
Jess Catcher, First for Women, August 11, 2018
This article discusses the overall health benefits of kombucha tea. A Journal of Food Science study on the cardiac benefits of kombucha is mentioned.

10 Foods You Never Would Have Thought Contained Animal Parts
Meagan, Shared, August 11, 2018
This article lists foods that most consumers assume are vegetarian but actually contain some form of animal product. Comments from Carol Zamojcin, secretary of the Long Island section of IFT, on the animal products in barbeque chips are included.

These are the real 'superfoods' you should be eating more of, according to science
Erin Brodwin, Business Insider, August 4, 2018
This article discusses the myth surrounding the “superfood” label and includes a list of foods that aren’t typically labeled in that category but still have several health benefits. A Journal of Food Science study that found brussels sprouts contain compounds that may help reduce the risk of certain cancers is mentioned.
Also published in: Science Alert and MSN

The 2 Best Frozen Breakfasts for When You're Trying to Eat Better
Danielle Centoni, The Kitchn, July 19, 2018
This article details healthier options for frozen breakfasts. A post on IFT’s website discussing the rapid growth of breakfast foods is mentioned.

Primal Guide to Allulose Sweetener
Mark Sisson, Mark’s Daily Apple, July 10, 2018
This article discusses the alternative sweetener allulose. A Journal of Food Science study that fed obese mice allulose for 15 weeks is mentioned.
Also published in: Fit Warriors

The Best Way to Revive Stale Bread
Marygrace Taylor, Greatist, June 29, 2018
This article details various tips for softening bread after it has gone stale. Comments from Roger Clemens, IFT’s former president, are included. 
Also published in: Insider

Is it the mayonnaise? Food safety myths and summertime food
Staff, Fox 46, July 2, 2018
This article features IFT’s list on the most common myths about foodborne illness and how to improve cleanliness in the kitchen.  

Food Safety: Blockchain Technology
Carrie Dennett, Today’s Dietician, June 22, 2018
This article discusses how blockchain technology can improve traceability and food safety. Comments from Andy Kennedy are included throughout the article.

Buyer beware: 11 foods that may not be what they seem at stores and restaurants
Craig Johnson, Clark Howard, June 20, 2018
This article discusses foods that consumers often perceive to be high quality or healthy but may be mislabeled. A study from the Journal of Food Science on food fraud that found olive oil to be the most commonly referenced adulterated food is mentioned.  

Is Iced Tea Good for You?
Sally Wadyka, Consumer Reports, June 10, 2018
This article discusses whether or not iced tea has the health benefits that many consumers believe it does. A Journal of Food Science study on the pyphenol content of black and green tea is mentioned.

4 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Probiotics for Better Gut Health
Amanda MacMillan, Runner’s World, May 30, 2018
This article details how probiotics can improve runners’ overall health and performance. Comments from Kantha Shelke are included throughout, and the article mentions her affiliation to IFT.

What Is Kombucha, Really—And Are There Any Health Benefits?
Maria Masters, Prevention, May 23, 2018
This article discusses how kombucha is made and its potential health benefits. A study published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety on the composition of kombucha is mentioned.

13 Things You Should Never Eat on an Airplane
Maria Kinirons, Reader’s Digest, May 22, 2018
This article highlights foods and beverages that could be problematic to consume on a flight. A study published in the Journal of Food Science on using mint leaves to cure garlic breath is mentioned.

7 Ways Too Much Coffee Is Seriously Bad For Your Health
Claudia Tan, Shape, May 3, 2018
This article highlights some of the potential health concerns associated with drinking coffee. The Journal of Food Sciencestudy on how caffeine impacts consumers’ perceptions of sweetness is included.

Consumers prefer the term 'plant-based' to 'vegan'
Patti Zarling, Food Dive, April 25, 2018
This article details the consumer perception around the term ‘vegan.’ Comments that Steven Walton, GM of Research at HealthFocus International, shared at IFT17 on why consumers are now opting to use the term “plant-based” are included. 

The color purple now showing in food formulations
Jeff Gelski, Food Business News, April 23, 2018
This article highlights how to make foods appear purple by adding various ingredients and the health benefits of doing so. A study published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety on the health benefits of purple corn is included.

Global supply chains are often murky, but blockchain may bring them into the light
Will Nicol, Digital Trends, April 16, 2018
This article discusses how the global food supply chain has evolved over time and how blockchain could be incorporated into the process moving forward. A paper published in the Journal of Food Science on food fraud is mentioned.  

What a nutritionist wants you to know about pesticides and produce
Samantha Cassetty, NBC News, April 14, 2018
This article details the fruits and vegetables that typically have the highest number of pesticides used on them and how that can impact consumers. Comments from Mary Ellen Camrie, Carl Winter and Roger Clemens are included throughout. 

Light roast coffee could contribute to cancer prevention, study shows
Staff, Nutrition Insight, April 10, 2018
This article features the Journal of Food Science study on how lighter roast coffee could help prevent certain types of cancer. 

This is the reason why you crave sugar all the time
Sarwat Fatima, MSN Lifestyle, April 4, 2018
This article highlights the study published in Journal of Food Science on how caffeine impacts consumers’ perception of sweetness.  

Countdown To GDPR: What Associations Should Know
Tim Ebner, Associations Now, April 1, 2018
This article discusses the GDPR Regulations and the upcoming May 25 deadline. Comments from Tom Foley, VP of membership and customer development at IFT, on managing internal compliance and risk assessment are included. Specifically, Tom commented on how IFT works to be proactive, thorough and transparent in its efforts meet these regulations, as well as other countries’ mandates, since roughly 15% of its members are based internationally.  

What Do Winemakers Do With Grape Waste?
Patrick J. Kiger, How Stuff Works, March 19, 2018
This article highlights the potential uses for the leftover grape waste that is created from making wine. A study published in the Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety on how much of a grape is leftover after it is squeezed is mentioned.

WATCH: Four Foods You Can Eat Past Their Expiration Dates
Meghan Overdeep, Southern Living, March 12, 2018
This article highlights various foods that stay good past their listed expiration date. A 2012 NPR interview with John Ruff on why companies set expiration dates earlier than necessary is included.

This Is What Your Favorite Foods Say About Your Personality
Charlotte Hilton Andersen, Reader’s Digest, March 5, 2018
This article discusses what certain foods indicate about consumers’ personalities. A study from IFT on if your personality indicates whether or not you like spicy foods is mentioned.

5 Healthy Recipes to Cure a Gnarly Hangover
Lindsey Black, FabFitFun, February 26, 2018
This article details the various foods and vitamins that can best help cure a hangover. IFT and a study published in the Journal of Food Science on how asparagus can protect your liver from the toxins in alcohol are mentioned.

The Science Behind Why We Crave Loud and Crunchy Foods
Jake Rossen, Mental Floss, February 21, 2018
This article discusses the science behind consumers prefer crunchy foods. Comments from Herb Stone are included throughout.

Is Bone Broth Actually Good for You?
Jill Waldbieser, The Kitchn, February 20, 2018
This article details the growing popularity of bone broth and its potential health benefits. Comments from Roger Clemens are included throughout.

The Right Way to Microwave Food So It Doesn’t Explode
Marygrace Taylor, MSN Lifestyle, February 16, 2018
This article explains how to microwave food without it exploding. IFTSA president-elect Matt Teegarden is quoted in the article about the science behind why food may blow up when microwaved.

Cheers! 14 Fascinating Facts About Guinness Beer
Brandon Specktor, Reader’s Digest, February 15, 2018
This slideshow outlines interesting facts about Guinness Beer. A survey conducted by IFT is cited, which revealed that a pint of Guinness truly does taste better in Ireland which is likely due to freshness and quality control. 

Is Organic Really Better? 4 Food Myths Debunked By Science
Victor Tangermann, Futurism, February 5, 2018This article discusses the biggest misconceptions around organic foods. Comments from Carl Winter on the risks of warning people against conventionally-produced fruits and vegetables are included.   

Startup Roundup: Foodtech Incubators to Watch in 2018
Jennifer Marston, The Spoon, February 2, 2018
This article details the launch of several new food incubator programs designed to encourage innovation from food startups. IFT’s Food Disruption Challenge is highlighted.  

Food Evolution director: Organic, natural food industries use misinformation and fear to sell products
Futurism, January 11, 2018
This article features an interview with Scott Hamilton Kennedy and discusses Food Evolution, the film’s pro-science argument and the misconception around GMOs.

Food TV and Movies to Watch on Netflix and Hulu This January
MSN, January 3, 2018
This article discusses the list of available food documentaries on Hulu and Netflix. Food Evolution is included on the list but IFT is not mentioned.  

The Future of Food Is Being Decided Now
Christie Tarantino-Dean, USA Today, January 2, 2018
This post is the foreword of USA Today’s Future of Food Campaign.

Dairy on the Go: Emerging Trends, Applications and Ingredients
Natural Products Insider, January 2, 2018
This article discusses the growing demand for healthy, convenient dairy products and the future of the dairy industry. The bottled water that used whey protein isolate and was featured as a U.S. Dairy Export Council prototype at IFT17 is mentioned.
Also published in: Dairy Business

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