In the News IFT food science experts and publications are often quoted in news stories around the world.

The articles below reference IFT press releases, IFT events, Food Technology articles, IFT spokespeople, or other experts provided via the IFT Media Relations department.

Food Evolution director: Organic, natural food industries use misinformation and fear to sell products
Futurism, January 11, 2018
This article features an interview with Scott Hamilton Kennedy and discusses Food Evolution, the film’s pro-science argument and the misconception around GMOs.

Food TV and Movies to Watch on Netflix and Hulu This January
MSN, January 3, 2018
This article discusses the list of available food documentaries on Hulu and Netflix. Food Evolution is included on the list but IFT is not mentioned.  

The Future of Food Is Being Decided Now
Christie Tarantino-Dean, USA Today, January 2, 2018
This post is the foreword of USA Today’s Future of Food Campaign.

Dairy on the Go: Emerging Trends, Applications and Ingredients
Natural Products Insider, January 2, 2018
This article discusses the growing demand for healthy, convenient dairy products and the future of the dairy industry. The bottled water that used whey protein isolate and was featured as a U.S. Dairy Export Council prototype at IFT17 is mentioned.
Also published in: Dairy Business

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