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July 14, 2011

The following news briefs are from the Institute of Food Technologists® (IFT), a nonprofit scientific society with members working in food science, food technology, and related professions in industry, academia, and government. This media update includes information on articles from the July issue of Food Technology magazine, a wrap-up of the IFT 2011 Annual Meeting and Food Expo and upcoming IFT webcasts. Topics include: New Product Innovation Videos, IFT Cares, Student Competition Winners; Natural Marketplace Data, Dieting Behavior, MyPlate Food Icon, and Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

For more information or to interview an IFT spokesperson, contact Mindy Weinstein at 1-800-IFT-FOOD, 312-604-0231, mweinstein@ift.org. You can also follow IFT Media Relations on Twitter @IFTMedia.

IFT 2011 Annual Meeting & Food Expo
Thanks to all of the media that joined more than 15,000 professionals in food science and technology for the 2011 Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo June 11-14 in New Orleans, La. to see 1,047 exhibitors and attend 123 scientific sessions that included 400 presentations and 1,193 posters. Read the official recap and press releases. You can view a list of recorded sessions, which are available both on DVD-ROM and as downloadable MP3 files. Several PowerPoint presentations are also available. Costs are waived for credentialed media. Please contact Mindy Weinstein at mweinstein@ift.org for more information. Please refer to the source of this information as the IFT 2011 Annual Meeting and Food Expo®.

New Product Innovation Videos
If you weren't able to join us in New Orleans or are still plowing through all the latest food science information shared at the event, you can catch the key trends and issues identified by the editors of Food Technology magazine. IFT offered Trend & Solution Tours on the Food Expo floor, which are self-guided tours to the booths of exhibiting companies that offer innovative products or services related to major issues and current trends facing the food industry. This year's tours were: Taste Modification; Ingredients for Functional Foods; Next Generation for Fats & Oils; New Direction for Carbs; and Weight Management & Diabetes. IFT featured eight of the participating companies in videos to provide more in-depth knowledge on the new products addressing the trends.
View the Trend & Solution Tour videos.

IFT Cares Reaches Out in New Orleans
Volunteers gave their time and energy to help IFT's anti-hunger initiative, IFT Cares, by traveling to the Plaquemines Parish, where they worked at a mobile pantry operated by the Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana. On site, the volunteers unloaded 5,822 pounds of food—including frozen products, dry goods, and fresh produce—and packed it up for distribution to 146 clients.
Read the full article and watch the video.

Institute of Food Technologists Student Association Announces 2011 Competition Winners
More than 150 students representing colleges and universities around the globe participated in the 2011 Institute of Food Technologists Student Association (IFTSA) Awards Competitions at the 2011 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo held in New Orleans.
View the complete list of competition winners.

Don't forget to mark your calendar now for next year's Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., June 25-28, 2012.


Data Download on the Natural Food Marketplace
Organic, naturally nutritious, clean, less-processed, preservative-free, sustainable, ethical and humane are all terms driving explosive growth in the natural foods and beverages sector. Food Technology magazine's trend expert Elizabeth Sloan, PhD, president of Sloan Trends, captures a plethora of data from a variety of sources on the "natural" food marketing landscape in the July issue. Here's just a sampling of the findings that can serve as a resource list for media:

  • In 2010, nearly one-third of the top-selling new foods/beverages launched in the U.S. carried a natural or organic claim. (IRI, 2011)
  • Natural topped the list of descriptors consumers looked for when purchasing foods/drinks at retail stores in 2010 (Hartman, 2010).
  • One in five shoppers buys natural and/or organic meat/poultry when it is on sale (FMI, 2011).
  • Seven in 10 shoppers believe that describing food as fresh means it is healthier.
  • Interest in real, premium, authentic, and artisan descriptors skew male, while fresh and home-style are favored more by females (Technomic, 2010).
  • While just under half of supermarkets offer local items, 82 percent of shoppers buy them at least occasionally and 38 percent now prefer local to organic (FMI, 2011).
  • Forty-nine percent of shoppers buy foods/drinks that support charities/causes (Hartman, 2010).
  • Eight in 10 consumers want their supermarket to carry more foods naturally high in nutrients vs. fortified.
  • Fifteen percent of adults made a strong effort in 2010 to eat more vegetarian foods (MSI, 2010).
  • In the U.S., 7 million adults (3 percent of the population) are vegetarians with one-third of them vegans (Budgar, 2011).
  • Nearly three-quarters of adults say that humanely treated animals/cruelty free is important to them when shopping for food (Hartman, 2011).
  • Forty-five percent of Americans are not sure what the term "sustainability" means (Technomic, 2010).

Read the full article in Food Technology magazine.


Why is it so hard to stick to a diet?

Despite documented short-term success, dieting has very low success rates. Most dieters regain weight within three to five years. In the July 2011 issue of Food Technology magazine, Associate Professor of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Springfield Shahram Hesmat, PhD examines how human behavior is hardwired to favor rewards in the present rather than results in the future. In the article, Hesmat explains how the conflict between long-term intentions and short-term actions impacts people's efforts to stay on a diet.

Read the full Food Technology article.


IFT to Serve as a National Strategic Partner to Support the MyPlate Food Icon

Efforts to help Americans make healthy food choices are in full swing with USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion's recent announcement that over 2,000 organizations are committed to actively promoting the recommendations of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans through the new MyPlate food icon and its accompanying messages. The Institute of Food Technologists signed an agreement to partner with the USDA as a National Strategic Partner that will help lead the effort.

White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass and USDA Deputy Director Rob Post discussed how the new MyPlate food icon will help Americans make healthier food choices during a press conference June 14th at the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo in New Orleans.

Read the full press release from IFT.
Read the full press release from USDA.


IFT Webcasts

Conjugated Linoleic Acid from Discovery to GRAS, a 20 Year Journey
July 27, 2011 12:00 PM CT

There is great interest in developing and utilizing novel food ingredients for health maintenance and improvement. This webcast will discuss the lessons learned from conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) as a potential model for future endeavors in this area.

Registration fee is waived for credentialed media. For more information, contact Mindy Weinstein at mweinstein@ift.org, 312-604-0231.

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