New IFT Video Spotlights A Day in the Life of a Food Packaging Professional

July 12, 2012

CHICAGO—The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is proud to introduce a new video in the “Day in the Life of a Food Scientist” video series that showcases careers in food science. This new video explains what it’s like to follow in the footsteps of a food packaging professional. IFT Member Brian Thane, director of aseptic technology at Tetra Pak in Denton, Texas, talks about providing aseptic packaging to 170 countries, the interesting and rewarding aspects of his job, and how it contributes to the food science profession.

The video provides a firsthand look at how food science impacts the production of an aseptic package at one of Tetra Pak’s factories. In simple terms, aseptic packaging enables products to be shelf stable and extend their shelf life without chemical preservatives or additives.

The aseptic carton is product that most consumers are very familiar with: juice (juice box), broth, soup, soymilk, white milk, coconut water, and wine, to name a few. Thane’s job working with several clients ranges from conducting training courses and workshops for both customer and regulatory audiences, to solving real problems and issues that arise in the field.  Thane also works closely with technical personnel to ensure that the equipment remains in compliance with all current food laws and regulations.

The “Day in the Life” series is designed to educate students, teachers, media, and the general public about the positive impact and rewards of the food science and technology profession. Additional videos include:  “Day in the Life of a Food Scientist at NASA” and “Day in the Life of a Food Scientist at Disney Consumer Products.”

View the newest video here

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