IFT Celebrates Earth Day

April 22, 2013

CHICAGO—In celebration of Earth Day, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) today released several resources that highlight the contributions of food science to a sustainable earth.

In addition to finding new ways to feed a growing population, food scientists work to conserve resources throughout the food system. They make sure land and water are conserved and protected as crops are grown and food products are made. They create packaging that is reduced, recycled and reusable to minimize waste and place food production plants in areas where food can be transported and distributed efficiently, and much more.

IFT recommends the following resources to learn more about how food science and technology contribute to making the earth a better place.

Sustainability Video
Mary Wagner, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Global Research and Development, Starbucks, explains how food scientists work to ensure environmentally friendly food production.

Food Waste Video
John Floros, PhD, Dean of College of Agriculture and director of K-State Research and Extension discusses how food science reduces food waste.

Feeding the World Today and Tomorrow
This scientific review, published in the September 2010 Volume 9, Issue 5 issue of Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, takes a historical look at the food system, the many challenges ahead, and the crucial role of food science and technology in meeting the needs of the growing population.

Food Technology Magazine

Building Sustainable Partnerships for Innovation

Food Technology, June 2012

Food Science, Technology Contribute to Feeding A Growing Population

Food Technology, October 2011

Sustainability Points to Plant Proteins
Food Technology, November 2010

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