IFT Releases Two New Videos in World Without Food Science Series: Special Foods and Nutrition

March 28, 2013

CHICAGO—The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) today released two new videos in their World Without Food Science series. The video, Special Foods, discusses how food science has played a critical role in contributing nutritious foods to people with unique nutritional needs like pregnant woman, new mothers, children, and people with dietary allergies and restrictions. The video, Nutrition, emphasizes how food science gives people access to different kinds of foods from all over the world at affordable prices and the process of fortifying foods with additional nutrients.

The World Without Food Science video series aims to generate greater awareness of the role food science plays in ensuring a nutritious, safe and abundant food supply. The campaign is a multimedia initiative featuring a series of videos that highlight how food science has responded to major food issues and provided positive solutions on a global scale.

In the nutrition video, Kantha Shelke, Ph.D. Principal at Corvus Blue, says, “Would it not be for food science I think many more people today would be hungry, for they simply would not have the means to get the right kind of foods or to get the variety of foods that are available today from all over the world and their diets would be very limited.”

“There are many unique populations that deserve specific nutritional support. Some of those populations include the pregnant/lactating woman, rapidly growing children, infants, those who are over the age of 50, and a variety of people who have various metabolic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, just to name a few,” Roger Clemens, DrPh, University of Southern California said in the special foods video.

The overarching kick-off video, unveiled during the keynote session at IFT’s 2012 Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Las Vegas, accurately depicts what a grocery store would be like without the existence of food science. The black and white footage shows empty shelves, rotten fruit, insect-infested grain and spoiled meat to show the realities of a world without food science. The scene changes to color when the voiceover explains how food science professionals make it possible to have food that is safe, flavorful and nutritious. The campaign includes three other video segments that feature interviews with experts from various food science disciplines to show the positive impact of food science on the public: Availability of Food, Sustainability, and Food Safety.

The video campaign was produced thanks to funding from the following IFT Divisions—Product Development, Quality Assurance, Citrus, Food Microbiology, Nutraceuticals, and Refrigerated & Frozen Foods. IFT also has great consumer tips that help people make informed decisions about the food they eat every day at IFTFoodFacts.org.


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