#SweetScientists Profiled in New “Day in the Life of a Food Scientist” Video from IFT

December 16, 2014

CHICAGO—The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is proud to introduce a new video in the “Day in the Life of a Food Scientist” series that shows what it’s like to be a food science student. Featured in the video are Amy DeJong and Maya Warren, PhD students in the Food Science Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to being lab mates, DeJong and Warren are also one of the final four teams competing in the CBS television reality series, “The Amazing Race.”  

“We wanted to show how scientists are so much more than lab coats, beakers and goggles,” said DeJong about why they wanted to try out for the show. “The Amazing Race” is an Emmy Award-winning reality series that pits 11 teams, each comprised of two members, against each other on a trek around the world where teams compete in a series of mental and physical challenges. DeJong and Warren beat out seven other teams to make it to the final leg which airs on CBS Friday, December 19th at 8/7c.

The IFT video follows DeJong and Warren on campus as they study, work in the lab, and interact with faculty and students. DeJong is studying polyol (sugar-free sweetener) crystallization in confectionery products.Warren’s area of research focuses on the microstructural, behavioral, and sensorial properties of ice cream and other frozen-aerated treats.

Both DeJong and Warren hope that the IFT video and their involvement in the “Amazing Race” will show people that scientists are high-energy people who step outside of the lab often to work with a variety of different people and cultures.

The “Day in the Life of a Food Scientist” videos are designed to educate students, teachers, media, and the general public about the positive impact and rewards of the food science and technology profession. Additional videos include:  “Day in the Life of a Food Scientist at NASA,” “Day in the Life of a Food Scientist at Disney Consumer Products, ” “Day in the Life of a Food Packaging Professional,” “Day in the Life of a Food Science Professor,” and “Day in the Life of an FDA Food Scientist.”

IFT has more information on this exciting career at Become a Food Scientist.  

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