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March 14, 2014

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The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Media Update contains highlights from Food Technology magazine, Journal of Food Science, and other information from IFT. Copies of scientific papers are available to journalists upon request. Please attribute content to the Institute of Food Technologists.  

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Food Technology Magazine: Culinary Point of View, Nutrition Confusion, Changes in Fast Food
Journal of Food Science: Raspberry Jelly, Gluten-Free Crackers


Culinary Point of View: Chef Richie Farina, moto
IFT’s latest Culinary Point of View column by Food Technology magazine Digital Editor Kelly Hensel features Chef Richie Farina of moto in Chicago. Farina’s goal, “to elevate the idea of molecular gastronomy by marrying traditional cooking techniques with the latest in scientific technology to showcase food in a way that harkens back to where it originated from.” In the interview Farina explains how he uses sensory science, math, experimentation, high tech equipment and the best ingredients to make dining at moto a unique experience for each guest. The full Q&A with Chef Farina can be found here

Culinary Point of View is an interview series with chefs from all walks of life, and the column includes interviews with seven other chefs with varying backgrounds that delve into bridging the gap between food science and the culinary world.  At the end of each column, Hensel shares one of the chef’s favorite and seasonal recipes.

Nutrition Confusion
Consumers are constantly being bombarded with information about diet and nutrition from sources including celebrity doctors, bloggers, point-of-purchase product rating systems, and more. So many different sources make it easy for consumers to get information, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is always correct. In the March issue of Food Technology magazine published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Executive Editor Mary Ellen Kuhn writes about the challenge of improving Americans’ approach to diet and health.

Read the full article in Food Technology here

10 Facts About the Changing Fast Food Industry
There is no question that dieting and healthy eating has become a greater topic of conversation in recent years and the fast food industry has taken notice. Eighty-seven percent of fast food operators say their customers are paying more attention to nutrition than they were two years ago (National Restaurant Association). In the March issue of Food Technology magazine published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Contributing Editor A. Elizabeth Sloan writes about the increased demand for healthier options on fast food menus.

Read the full press release here
Read the Food Technology article here


Researchers Find High Acceptability of Three-Colored Raspberry Jelly
Raspberries are among the most popular berries in the world and are high in antioxidants that offer significant health benefits to consumers. The red raspberry is most commonly used in processed products like juices, jams, jellies and preserves because of its short shelf life. A new study in the Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), found that the production of a mixed raspberry jelly with black and yellow raspberries could be a good alternative to just one-colored jelly.

Read the full press release here
Read the Journal of Food Science abstract here

Gluten-Free Crackers Made with Hemp Flour and Decaffeinated Green Tea Leaves
A team of food scientists from University of Novi Sad in Serbia and Guelph Food Research Centre in Canada found that hemp flour, a by-product of cold-pressed hemp oil, in combination with decaffeinated green tea leaves could be used to develop a gluten-free snack cracker with functional properties. The study is in the current issue of Journal of Food Science published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Read the full press release here
Read the Journal of Food Science abstract here


IFT Past President John Ruff Addressed 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Immediate Past President John Ruff recently presented at the third meeting of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee on March 14 at the National Institutes of Health. Ruff’s presentation titled “The Contributions of Food Science to Help Americans Achieve the Dietary Guidelines - Future Opportunities and Challenges” addressed how food scientists and technologists strive to help Americans achieve the dietary guidelines recommendations to improve human health.

Read the full press release here
Find Ruff’s presentation here


74th Anniversary: I HEART Food Science
For the past 75 years, the way we live and eat has changed dramatically. Food scientists were at the forefront of this revolution. As part of IFT’s 75th Anniversary Celebration, Feeding Tomorrow, the Foundation of the Institute of Food Technologists, is collecting the stories behind the science.

Participants will create a short, 2 minutes or less video showing their research, workplace, and what their daily life as a food scientist is like. This will become a virtual video scrapbook through which IFT members, the media, and consumers can catch a glimpse of the passion and excitement participants have for their work as food scientists. A compilation video composed of excerpts from the stories will be shown at the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo® this summer during the IFT 75th Anniversary Celebrations.

Read more about I HEART Food Science here
Read the full press release here
For more information on the 75th Anniversary visit here   

Institute of Food Technologists Announces Christie A. Tarantino as New Executive Vice President
The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) recently announced the selection of Christie A. Tarantino, FASAE, CAE, as the new IFT Executive Vice President. Tarantino, the current President and CEO of the Association Forum of Chicagoland, will lead IFT efforts to advance the science of food to ensure a safe and abundant food supply. In her new role, she will oversee a wide array of IFT programs that serve 18,000 members and the food science and technology professions. This will include: the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo®, knowledge and learning programs, marketing communications campaigns, membership, partnerships, publications, science and policy initiatives, Feeding Tomorrow: the Foundation of IFT, and a variety of other programs.

Read the full press release here 

Save the Date: IFT Wellness 14

March 20-21, 2014

Westin Chicago River North, Chicago, IL

According to unpublished data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), Americans consume more of their daily calories as snacks rather than as meals. The Wellness 14 conference will focus on the science, development, and marketing of healthier snack foods and will feature noteworthy speakers in food, medicine, and media.

The Opening General Session—The Loud, Confused Enemies of Processed Food; David H. Freedman, Contributing Editor, The Atlantic will discuss the food industry’s advances in using food and technology to reduce sodium, sugar, and calories in many food staples within household pantries and the industry’s commitment to do more.

Integrated between the general sessions on Thursday and Friday, several interesting sessions on protein enhancement, sodium reduction, and sugar reduction will take place.

Click here for the event page.
Click here for the full release.

Complimentary registration is available for credentialed members of the media.

Please contact Mindy Weinstein for more information at 312-604-0231312-604-0231, mweinstein@ift.org or Stephanie Callahan at 312-604-0273312-604-0273, scallahan@ift.org

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