Campden BRI Named as IFT's UK and European Partner for Certified Food Scientist Training

March 12, 2015

CHICAGO, IL and GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK—Food science and technology professionals must be up to date on the latest developments in food science to address global food and consumer needs. To help them achieve this, Campden BRI has partnered with the US based Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) to bring the internationally recognized Certified Food Scientist (CFS) Preparatory Course to the UK and Europe for the first time.

The CFS program, with more than 1,600 certificants in 55 countries globally, recognizes food professionals’ applied scientific knowledge and can help reinforce their credibility and marketability.  The CFS exam tests knowledge and skills in the following areas: food chemistry and food analysis, food engineering, food microbiology, food safety, product development, quality assurance and quality control, regulatory and sensory evaluation and consumer testing.

The Certified Food Scientist (CFS) Preparatory Course helps participants to prepare for the CFS exam and provides a refresher of their applied scientific knowledge via a series of lectures from expert instructors and practical tests. The first course will be offered on 25 and 26 June at the food and drink research Campden BRI headquarters in Gloucestershire.

The CFS program is open to food science and technology professionals from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, but the minimum requirements are a Bachelor’s degree in a related science degree plus full time work experience.

About IFT
Founded in 1939, the Institute of Food Technologists is committed to advancing the science of food. Our non-profit scientific society—more than 17,000 members from more than 95 countries—brings together food scientists, technologists and related professionals from academia, government and industry. For more information, please visit

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